July 2, 2009

We all delight in spending less! “Recessionistas” are Finding great deals….

As the world economy tanks, recessionistas are finding pleasure in finding bargains rather than paying top dollar.  From clothing stores, to bottles of wine, to real estate investments-the discerning buyer is basquing in the opportunities to cut back, save, and ultimately find the best deal. 

It’s not just a sign of the times-I think it may be an adopted lifestyle as job cuts and the American dream of owning a home quickly falls apart for many.  Think about it….what are we going to learn from this credit crisis.  Be more discerning with our purchases and be responsibly on a budget.  Ostentatious consumption is out and Recessionistas is in! 

What does this mean for future home buyers her on Maui and other places????  It may be a buyers market for a very long time.  In some cases, like her on Maui our inventory of bank owned properties has not hit the active listings yet which means more inventory and better prices. 

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