June 30, 2009

Forget leaving Maui for a vacation….why not think of a stay-cation and stay right here!

Its the newest trend-skipping the vacations and staying close to home…and having a STAY-CATION!!!!  As gas prices, airline fees, and declining income and the dollar overseas….planning vacations close to home is the right for the travelers on a budget!  We live on the worlds best island so why not stay put and let what money you do have stimulate our economy.  The next thing you have to do is look for resident discounts….take advantage of Kamaaina rates at local restaurants, hotels, tours and more.  The ocean is our backyard and we need to do what we can to keep the local businesses here on Maui during this hard time.  We are all budget concerned and right now if we spend a little with our neighbors we can help keep everyone earning a living.  So-ask your local favorite place if they have Kamaaina discounts-take advantage of staying close to home and enjoy our fabulous Maui days!