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As the world is seeing the worst mass layoff’s since 1974 with 533,000 jobs lost in Nov and now over 10 million out of work its time to not order online, stop  going to large coffee chains, and supermarkets and start supporting our local business owners.  Buy buying local you are probably saving a bit of cash as well as helping your neighbors.  Some analysts predict that between now and 2010 that 3 million more jobs may be lost.  Batten down the hatches and plant a garden, help out a friend, recycle those used clothes and give them to Big Brothers Big Sisters….with a record 1 in 10 Americans with mortgages late or facing foreclosures we can only predict more pain ahead.  We need to support our politicians that are wanting to explore efforts to ease housing, credit and financial stresses.  If you need assistance call a tax professional who can legally guide you to your best solution.  Consult with a Realtor about where the current value of your home is…listen when someone is offering assistance.  There is no quick fix or easy equation to make this disappear…but take the time find out your best option.  Time may be the only thing we all have on our side.

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I agree, we should support our local businesses..

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