Our local legislation want’s to keep neighborhood character for new B&B laws

Local legislation to find balance and compromise in regards to B&B’s, the permitting process, the number of units allowed and the “house rules” to go along with them.  In hopes to promote locally based economic development this legislation is looking currently at B&B’s which is significantly different than the Transient Vacation Rental issues that Maui Co is also experiencing.  B&B’s have owners who live on site and officially share the residence with the guest.  Looks like this may lighten up and the owners will just have to be on property.  For the TVR’s or “vacation rentals” owners and or managers are living off-site.  The second issue is being deferred to the next Maui Co Council.  So where is the current focus going:

Limits B&B’s in the following areas to:  Hana 48, South Maui 100, UpCountry 40, Paia-Haiku 88, West Maui 88 and Central to 36 for a total of 400.

Provisions include no more than 6 bedrooms, owner must live on property, if on Ag land owner must show a crop of $35K per year, enforce “house rules”  for noise with the initial permit being valid for 3 years. 

Some still have concerns for the bill…I don’t blame them.  Its been years since the council has had this issue on their desks and we have all been waiting way to long for compromise.

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