November 30, 2008

Island Spirit, now that’s the spirit. A New Shop in Kihei by Sansei Sushi

Step inside and check out the beautiful shell jewelery, shoes, handbags and clothes….The prices are right and the girls who work there are super helpful and know thier merchandise.  The beautiful silver and shell jewelery is made with quality in mind and what a cool gift to bring someone back home.  With Santa on his way you could just bring someone a smile!  Right by Sansei Sushi and Foodland across the street from the whale at Kalama Park.  From there you can walk on over to Wok Star in Kihei and have a wonderful rice bowl of yummy fresh veggies and more.  Keeping business local with help everyone on the island.  Don’t internet order…keep our communities thriving. 

Mahalo, Mary on Maui

Century 21 All Islands-Wailea

November 29, 2008

10 things you should know (and so should your Realtor!) about your neighborhood!

HISTORY-when it was developed and by whom.  Ever wonder what was there before?

BUILDING HAZARDS-anything prevalent in your neighborhood?

IMPROVEMENT INFORMATION-what are the types of homes that will help or hurt your value…models, types and styles!

NATURAL DISASTERS-can and what can affect your home and what are the costs involved.

HOA AND COMMUNITY BYLAWS-know the rules and regulations that your investment…building restrictions, pet rules, on street parking…know these so, as the owner,  you can benefit and have “ultimate enjoyment” of your home

TAX ISSUES AND OR CREDITS-Know what your taxes will be (do you know at what you will be taxed or if you are currently being overtaxed based on ownership) and if you qualify for a homeowners exemption.  (you can call me  at 808-283-4688  if you don’t know about this $300K tax break benefit for reduction of your property taxes)

BUILDING PROJECTS-pay attention to things that are happening in your neighborhood-additional buildings or a gas station across the street from your home could have a huge impact on the value of your home.

DEMOGRAPHICS-you want to love where you live and you also want to know what you will be eventually selling too!

OWNER/RENTER MIX-find out who your neighbors will be…if you tend on renting out your investment find out ahead of time about regulations and monthly rental rates….if you don’t intend to rent still pay attention to this so you know what to expect from the neighbors.

SCHOOLS-know the districts…even if you don’t have kids.  Buying a home in a more desireable school district may affect the sales price when you go to sell

Have a wonderful day here on Maui (or where ever you are!).

Mahalo, Mary on Maui

Century 21-All Islands-Shops at Wailea

November 25, 2008

TVR-if you can’t vacation rental your property what does that mean?

Well first of all it means that you can not legally participate in our local economy (providing to tourists)…..second it means you are going to have to struggle through finding long term tenants on this island that love and respect your property and that want to pay you on time, every month!  You may laugh but really its getting tough here.  I hear about horror stories all of the time…in fact I just lent my truck to someone so they could haul two truck loads of garbage out of one of their rentals.  Above and beyond the garbage there was a large amount of other costly damage to the property and a disgusting amount of dirt and complete neglect.

The signs for rentals in my neighborhood are popping up daily.  Rentals are many….jobs and people to take possesion of these rentals is at an all time low here.  With income  falling and jobs scarce rental prices are falling many  property owners are going to have to come up with creative ways to pay bills and rent properties. 

Long term, not being able to rent out your property means that the property value may drop.  With the past sales being justified by income that a property may collect many homes were sold at a premium.  Caveat emptor, let the buyer beware….my hope is that all sales based on this kind of income was disclosed by Realtors in Maui Co.  

Have a wonderful day

Mary on Maui

Century 21 All Islands-Wailea

November 24, 2008

Hawaii on Sale. Hot deals for those who want to travel

I have not called to check on this information in this link….. however, I thought it was interesting to see what some hotels and other local establishments were doing to attract bussiness.

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday week.

Mary on Maui

November 23, 2008

Kihei Maui, Resort Area weather says rain….

I know most people come here for the sun and the activities that come with the ocean, mountains and good weather but Mother Earth may have a different plan for the next few days.  Or perhaps even until the first of Decemeber.  The good news is the temperature is wonderful with the highs remaining at 80 or above with only light showers predicted here in Kihei.  What does this mean for your vacation….you may have to look into doing different things than you had planned.  Go shopping, take a walk in the rain, go to the ocean center with the kids, check out Warren and Annabelles magic show or Ulalena over in Lahaina town.  Hey, your still on Maui after all….you can enjoy so many different things.  Pick up a magazine, ask a local there is a lot to do, even with raindrops falling on your head….


Mary on Maui

November 22, 2008

Most Real Estate Agents Promise the World to Get Your Business.

Century 21 All Islands-Shop at Wailea Realtor, 

Mary M Kerstulovich  R(S)   Delivers   Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or My Commission Back

I don’t know of anyone else on island that is doing this.  I think this shows the commitment that I have to my clients and the love that I have for Real Estate. 

 When it comes to buying and selling real estate, lots of agents promise you the world.  Unfortunately, you do not know if they can deliver on those promises until the transaction is over.    That is why I give you Satisfaction Guaranteed win writing that says if, for any reason, you don’t feel I have earned my commission as your real estate professional, I will give it back to you.  No hassles, no loopholes, simply Satisfaction Guaranteed.   Before you buy or sell your next home don’t you owe it to yourself to at least find out more about Mary on Maui’s real estate service?  Call me today and ask for a copy of the Satisfaction Guaranteed program and a copy of my personal brochure that introduces you to Mary on Maui and highlights what I can do for you.  Call today.  You’ll be glad you did, it’s guaranteed.

November 17, 2008

What’s worth keeping?

You can tell more about a person by what they toss out than what they keep!

Many people strive to become more organized but find it difficult to get rid of clutter. People may hang on to things because they are afraid to throw them out for fear they may want to use them later. Most professional organizers, however, advise that if you haven’t used something in a year, it’s time to get rid of it!!!  Really go to Ace Harware in Kihei and put those old clothes in the Big Brother Big Sister bins, Rainbow attic for re-sale, or Salvation Army for the stuff that’s worth passing on to someone that may be a bit more needy than you.

Some tips to help you eliminate some of the clutter and get organized are:

* Donate items to charitable organizations, and use your receipts for tax deductions.
* Schedule a garage sale to sell your gently used items, but know that shoppers expect a hefty discount on price.
* Consider offering electronic gear, sporting equipment, or designer clothing to a consignment store.
* Throw out old papers and useless items.


Mary on Maui

November 6, 2008

Jawz…voted best fish tacos on Maui-Maui Times Weekly

Some things are voted in because they are good and this is one of them.  So when driving through the middle of nowhere and you see one of those taco lunch trucks, you should stop!!!  Good eats, I swear.  They are located in Central Kihei as well…1279 S. Kihei Road.  Good prices, large portions, they even cater your events.

Be Well Kihei

Mary on Maui

November 5, 2008

The secret to success is being ready when opportunity comes!

I can say I think that the landslide vote clearly states that change is what we want and need here in the U.S.A.

The key to the next 6-12 months for Maui Real Estate is going to be to get ready when the oppprtunity comes.  Get prequalified if you are looking for a home or condo, find out any challenges that you may have prior to finding a dream home and if you are looking at short sale properties be prepared to be patient.  Time is what the banks need and if you want that “deal” you are going to have to practive what your parents tried to teach you years ago.  Patience is a virtue!

Century 21 All Islands-Wailea

Mary on Maui

November 3, 2008

Leasehold vs Fee Simple. The choice for some is not that simple.

For years people from the mainland have asked me…isn’t Maui all lease hold land.  Or can you actually purchase property here on Maui.  The answer is yes!  YES YES YES.  You can even purchase the leasehold land and pay the lease fee during ownership. 

What Is Fee Simple Ownership?
Fee simple also known as fee simple absolute or allodial ownership is probably the most familiar form of property ownership to buyers of residential property, especially on the US Mainland and common law countries. A fee simple buyer acquires ownership of the entire property, including both the land and buildings. The fee simple owner does not pay ground rent, but does pay maintenance fees and real property taxes. The fee simple owner has the right to possess, use the land and dispose of the land as he wishes – sell it, give it away, trade it for other things, lease it to others, or pass it to others upon death. The fee simple estate is also called fee simple absolute (because it is the most complete form of ownership), “estate in fee simple” or “fee-simple title.”What Is Leasehold Ownership?
A leasehold interest is created when a fee simple landowner enters into an agreement or contract called a ground lease with a lessee. A lessee buys leasehold rights much as one buys fee simple rights; however, the leasehold interest differs from the fee simple interest in several important respects. First, the buyer of residential leasehold property does not own the land and must pay ground rent. Second, his use of the land is limited to the remaining years covered by the lease. Thereafter, the land returns to the lessor, and is called reversion. Depending on the provisions of any surrender clause in the lease, the buildings and other improvements on the land may also revert to the lessor. Finally, the use, maintenance, and alteration of the leased premises are subject to any restrictions contained in the lease. Conversion of leasehold property to fee simple ownership involves purchasing the landowner’s remaining interest, called the leased fee interest. The lessors of many, if not most, leasehold properties are currently offering to sell their leased fee interests to their lessees or prospective buyers of a leasehold property. There is a State of Hawaii law and a City & County of Honolulu (Oahu) ordinance affecting the mandatory conversion of residential leasehold properties. It is extremely important to understand fee simple vs leasehold because it: affects your decision to buy, affects your ability to obtain a loan and it affects your ability to sell.

Hope that helps.

Mary on Maui