October 31, 2008

Living each day like its Halloween! The world may be a better place

Happy Halloween to the kids and adults alike…to the tricksters and the just sweet angels, princesses, and even to the witches!  Would it not just be the coolest thing if we could wake up and decide what we wanted to be each day of our lives.  We would wake up with the anticipation to be the super hero, the king, or even Pocahontas….we would have smiles on our faces, do our hair a bit different, and even plan on speaking and smiling to more people than just a regular day.  As I sit here at Century 21 in the Shops in Wailea…I notice this is a different day than most for the people walking by.  The kids that are dragging the adults behind as they look for the treats in life!  The parents remind them of what to say and the kids are so super excieted that they just got something (candy) and you can tell (by the smiles) they appreciate the treat from a stranger…. The parents are even more apt to speak to others just passing by.  Perhaps it will be my challenge for the next 365 days to show how I am super excieted to be here on this island 100% totally blessed (I get to see the sun and the ocean everyday!) and by the people around me who when I smile, they smile back.  It’s the little things that we should stop to grab….candy, smiles, a glance at someone or something we love…be kind out there and walk like you are what ever you dream to be EVERYDAY.  The world would be a better place if we all just took the time to enjoy….. look around at the small things. 


October 29, 2008

Transient Vacation Rentals…and a good buy or perhaps its a good-bye!

I have this great listing compared to a number of homes in the neighborhood it is well maintained and has a wonderful pool and sense of serenity to it.  It was being rented out as a Transient Vacation Rental and like most complaints that have been filed with the county of Maui it was more of one neighbor against the other.  Unfortunately for my seller this has forced her to sell.  The Maui News and its writers have presented her as the bad woman from California but the reality is she is my client, my  friend, and more importantly great business woman who was providing a place to stay so guests could afford to come here and enjoy Maui on a buget  those guests who helped stimulate our local economy  by dining and shopping.  ……  This home also provided income for house keepers, handymen, pool cleaners, landscapers and more.  GET and TAT on the income as well. 

How hard is that to not find some support for?  The reality is that we, as a community, better start looking to each other with a conscience of kind support not a divided standpoint that can rip apart someones life in a blink of an eye.  The house would be great for a family with children.  Its on  a cul-de-sac, has a pool and four bedrooms.  Its got to be sold so take a look, you may know someone who will appreciate the house, its upgrades and its pricing.


Have a peaceful day!


October 24, 2008

Kihei Good Eats….WOK STAR! Something fresh in Kihei.

As we are all blogging about current events, the economy, and the lending institutions of America I had to just toss out there something a bit more appealing and easy to digest (no pun intended!)  If you have not tried it yet the newest of the hot spots in Central Kihei is Wok Star.  Right by Foodland and Lifes a Beach there is a great spot for fresh fabulous food!  Come down and support our local economy by trying some tasty bowls of noodles, rice, and the freshest veggies around.  The menu appeals to all tastebuds and everyone can be satisfied for less than $10.  Open from 7am till Midnight for you party goers….they even have a frequent buyer card where you can get some free meals as you add to your punch card.  A great spot to come and get a quick bite and you can even BYOB. 

October 22, 2008

Ready or not here they come! Or is it here they ALL come…

I know its last minute but is that not how word gets spread around Maui and the Planning Departments mettings.  Come one and come all on Thursday Oct 23rd at 5pm till 8pm at the Kihei Community Center.  Maui’s currently plan for South Maui is to have Kihei triple, yes that is TRIPLE!!!, in size by the year 2030.  Come and have the opportunity to comment on growth, where, when and how we want our community to look. 

Provide input….comment, suggest regarding proposed urban growth boundaries and ENSURE that the interests of South Maui are incorporated into our piece of paradise.  For more information eamil david.michaelson@mauicounty.gov or call him at the planning department  270-7214

Mahalo, Mary on Maui


October 14, 2008

Is NOW the time to buy??? The answer may be YES!!

Mortgage Interest Rates: On Their Way Up? While no one knows for certain, many experts predict that interest rates will gradually increase.  In a recent interview with U.S. News, Weiss Research analyst Mike Larson said it would not be unlikely for us to see a one-half percent increase on a 30-year fixed mortgage rate in six months, and a one percent increase a year from now. With the 30-year fixed rate still historically low at around 6 percent, now is a good time for homeowners with variable rate loans to consider refinancing into a fixed rate loan.

 For home buyers waiting for housing prices to drop, it’s a good time to evaluate how a change in interest rate affects buying power.  
Got questions on what a 1% increase could do for your payment or your purchase power based on amount of house you may be able to afford…..  Drop me an email with a purchase amount and I can have a mortgage specailist work some numbers up for you!  Mary@maryonmaui.com

Mary on Maui


October 11, 2008

60 Days late on your mortgage and don’t know where to turn???

Call your attorney or tax consultant…call the bank and see what they can do for you.  I went onto Countrywides website and under services there was a link to financial hardship assistance for those consumters having a hard time paying your mortgage.  They want to help resolve the problem.  The banks are in the business of lending money not owning properties.

State of Hawaii:  Act 137 is prohibiting Realtors from giving advice, guidance and assistance to the consumers that may need it.  You may need a distressed property consutlant letter for a title person or attorney or CPA to help you because for now, as Realtors, our hands are tied.

We want to help and we can only hope that the lawmakers here in Hawaii can see that they are not protecting the consumers from preditors…they are prohibiting them from making choices for whom talks to the lenders on their behalf.


October 8, 2008

New Act #137 limits a Realtor from assisting in distressed property sales.

Act 137–The Mortgage Fraud Prevention Act is “to protect Hawaii consumers from persons who prey on homeowners who face property foreclosures, liens or ecumbrances”.  As the consumer you may need to seek legal adise on any distressed property sale.  What is a defines a distressed property?

1.Property that is in foreclosure or risk of foreclosure-more than 60 days delinquent

2. Property that had a lien or encumbrance charged against it for non-payment of taxes, lease assessments, association fees, or maintenance fees

3. Property at risk of #2 and the fees are more than 90 days delinquent

4.Secures a loan for which a notice of default has been given

5. Secures a loan fro that has been accelerated.

A short sale that has fallen behind in payments by 60 days does apply to this rule.  This new law is to protect you the consumer!  More tomorrow on how to legally get assistance with your distressed property sale……Title companies, distressed property consultant contracts, etc.


Have a beautiful day! Mary on Maui


October 5, 2008

Have your electric bills been out of this world?

In times when people should be cutting costs our electric co. has been adding addtional fees and most of them are not usage fees.  They are surcharges that you can not seem to get around….in the effort to make a difference here are some ideas to help you start saving your KW hr’s. 

Close your curtains or blinds on the south sides of your homes

Install motion detectors in kids rooms

Install Solar water…you could have a sigficant tax credit too!

Use a programable thermostat for your cooling…have it shut off automatically~

Unplug items that are not in use…they still draw some power even if not used.  Put your TV, stereo, DVD player and All other equipment on a power strip so with one push of a button you can turn them all off.

Clean your A/C filters often…best is once a month.

Use cold water when washing clothes.

Hope these items prove useful and save you some money monthy

Mary on Maui


October 4, 2008

What is Fair Market Value (FMV)???

What is fair market value and how is it determined and when is it important?? 

FMV is the price a buyer is willing and able to pay and a price on which the seller will accept for the property under reasonable and ordinary conditions.  There are many other life situations (such as foreclosure, short sale, lack of a job, reduction of income, not being able to qualify for a loan…. etc) that can exert pressure on one or both parties; and when they do, the price that is agreed upon may or maynot reflect teh TRUE FMV. 

One major factor that will come into play when arriving at FMV includes the status of the local real estate market.  Because there are many factors that change, FMV for any given property is not static. 

When is this information important?  The answer is now…selling a house???Make sure you are pricing your home in the Market not out of the market!   Pricing it to sell will not only get you what you wish (when listing a property….is the intent not to actually sell it???)  this strategy will also help stimulate the economy and help the current crisis we are facing.  One sale at a time is how we can help this island!

Mary on Maui


October 2, 2008

Where is the current housing market going…each of us can help!!!

I am passionate about this! 

This could be a pandemic….

PANDEMIC:  common to or characteristic of a whole people; affecting a very proportion of the population (of a country or area), as a disease. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vtHwWReGU0 

How do you feel now?

Please pass it on…thanks.

As Realtors we can help assist the market shifts by SELLING property.  In order to sell the property’s that we currently have listed we need to have loan programs available to help our buyers qualify.  Even if we help the current inventory by pricing things to sell, we are currently faced with the challenges of financing.  Please take a minute to see the video above and pass on this link to everyone you know.  TOGETHER WE CAN ACHIEVE MORE!


Mary on Maui