April 9, 2008

Rain in Kihei, please stay we need it!

I know most people are on vacation and want the sun…but, we need the rain. Showing property in the rain today I really learned how much I actually miss the coolness against my skin. No worries, it always leaves and allows us to keep this island beautiful. What I learned today is that even when the weather here is unusual that we are all so lucky to live (or to visit) a place that is so beautiful.
Mary on Maui

April 2, 2008

Are Recent Changes in the Air Quality Making you sick?

Below is an email I got yesterday. Depending on where you are in our island chain and which way the wind blows…you could be exposed to hazards in the air. Intersting enough to pass on.
Mary on Maui

Recent changes in activity at the Halema`uma`u Crater have created a
potential increase in hazards for Hawai’i Island. These hazards include
higher levels of sulfur dioxide, ash fall, and vog, the effects of which some
of us have already been experiencing. The level of risk to your health
varies depending on location, current emissions, and wind direction.

The County of Hawai`i has developed the attached tri-fold brochure
that describes the color-coding system established by Hawai`i County
Civil Defense that will help to rate conditions in your area when
necessary. The brochure also contains recommended responses
you can take to minimize health risks to you and your family.

We’d appreciate your willingness to forward this brochure to your electronic
networks so that as many people as possible are kept abreast of this
important situation. Please also feel free to print this brochure for further
distribution as appropriate or share the following link to the County of Hawai’i's
Volcano Information Updates site at http://lavainfo.us/ with the brochure
available at http://co.hawaii.hi.us/cd/Tri-fold%20brochure.pdf.

We realize that you may receive multiple copies of this message and
we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Our primary goal
is that everyone in Hawai`i County is as informed and as prepared as
possible to respond to changes in the environment.

Mahalo nui loa,

Jane Testa
Director, Department of Research and Development
On behalf of Hawai`i County Civil Defense