March 23, 2008

More Homes to Come, But where is the water coming from?

As Wailea 670 is approved the builders are getting excited….I stand in fear of having no water! I went on a field trip the other day with a class from Maui Lani to Central Maui in Waiehu and found out some interesting information that many people may not know! There were actually wetlands that formed at the base of the West Maui Mountains years ago. Our guide told our group that long ago the water would pool up and then at times run into the sea. Where did the water go??? The children asked. “Kihei”, he said…they divert all the water to Kihei and now the land is being exposed to non-native plants and more. Embarrassed (I live in Kihei), I felt this sense of guilt coming over me as these lands have been changed too much.
I ask the county and the people of Maui, Where will our water come from? I think, like the Virgin Islands, each hotel should have to distill the sea water for use in thier entire location. This would allow for the land to start to come back to its original intended state and balance with nature.
As Wailea 670 get underway….where is the low income housing? Oh yeah, in North Kihei and thats thier second phase of the project. Backwards on Maui????- Mary on Maui

March 19, 2008

Wailea 670- Real Estate That May Bring More Than Homes

Honua’ula or Wailea 670, is again, up against the public opposition. Some plead jobs for the locals while others are worried about union workers and mainland help coming to get the project done. Not only is Mauis unemployment rate low the argument for a more sustainable job source also came up. From more cars to all the real estate developement in South Maui affecting the ocean, the quality of the water, the reefs, to our water supply source already being taxed 60 people came to voice thier opinions yesterday. The South Maui roads are already getting too busy and the land is being developed at a rate that I have a hard time catching up with. I sell Maui Real Estate but can’t we just pause and take care of what we have now! Many of our local neighborhoods need sidewalks and street repairs and ways to divert the traffic off of the side street and back to the main hwys to protect the children and families. As the 9:30am meeting was still underway late into the evening hours I could not help but think …….How effective are these meetings when it seems like the money has already made up our current legistations minds.

March 18, 2008

Luxury- A High Price to Pay but Worth Every Dollar!

S and P on the West Side just sold $176 million in luxury real estate at the initial release of the residential suites at the Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua. It seems that 40% of the investors that bought into the newly released units are international buyers. Japan, Canada, and Europe confirmed the heightened interest in the Hawaii market. Our market place is one to keep watching. The market for each neighborhood has to be watched carefully. ALL Real Estate Markets are local….but it seems that our high end luxury beach and ocean front units have not been impacted by the US mainlands housing downturn. The sales prices of many vacation rental condos have shown an average of an 8% gain in 2007. The Ritz-Carlton broke a West Side record with a sales price of $6.4 million for the presidential suite. For market information on your area of interest give me a call 808-283-4688 or just go to my website: and sign up for my local Maui Newsletter. I promise this monthly news letter will be filled with interesting information about Maui and it’s different Real Estate Markets. Aloha-Mary on Maui

March 13, 2008

There is hope for the Vacation Rentals in Maui!

Daily we are seeing the local residents speak thier minds on the issue of Transient Vacation Rentals in Maui County. It looks like there just may be light at the end of the tunnel as the Planning Department Chairwoman speaks of the consistent unease of the many people that work for or own such rentals. Fare and eqitable permitting systems have caught many people in the lineup of waiting. Some for up to 8 years. These niche tourist accommodations are popular all over the world and our islands are no different. Lets just hope that Maui Co. can offer all owners and travelers a win-win situation that will bring rest to the issue at hand. We want to be seen as an island that welcome tourists and supports our locals. Today there is a meeting at the Co. and we can hope that the government powers will see that there are many ramifications to the tourist industry, as well as, property owners and small business owners that support these businesses. Our island needs to be united when it comes to supporting both. Show your support of local businesses please send your email to: Glady’s e mail address is;
Her fax is 808 270 7127
Aloha, Mary on Maui

March 2, 2008

Have you heard?

Yesterday I went by a new ocean front listing in Kihei on Iliili Road, right by Cove Park, a beautiful luxury South Maui Home listed at $9.550 million and from the expansive yard of this beautiful lush green yard you can hear the Whales!!! (and watch the surfers at Cove Park). I mean I could really hear the whales. The echo of their tales hitting the water is what caught my attention and I was mesmorized by the sound that I must have heard so many times before that had gone un-noticed. Part of the beauty of Maui is that every year they come. Those whales who make the journey to have the babies and fill many of our months full of awe inspiring jumps and spouts. It’ those simple things in life that make the island of Maui so amazing. Ocean Front parks, Homes, and Condos are just the vehicles for our spots to enjoy the whales, sunsets and more from.

March 1, 2008

Have you seen the Maui News?

As South Maui Properties are contiuning to sell both for personal and vacation/investment use our own Mayor is trying to stop many people from having small in home businesses. From in home accomodations ( known as TVR’s; transient vacation rentals) to wedding businesses and beach activities our island is currently being turned upside down in what seems to be a Divided We Stand attitude with the hardworking residents of the many communities vs. the big bucks of the government and the “supporters” who give them the power and the money. In turn this will, without a doubt, result in hurting our islands tourist industry. Maui County,which includes Lana’i and Moloka’i, and the residents of these islands could greatly be affected. Much of Hana on Maui, most of Lana’i and Moloka’i are local people who could not survive if the thousands of visitors did not come.
The Maui News Website is currently polling the people go to and half way down the page towards the right is a place for you to tell the public through the media on how you think Mayor Tavares is doing.

Please spread the word. Pushing that button is extremely therapeutic – enjoy !!!
66% and counting.

Aloha and Passionate as usual,

Mary on Maui