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Owning an investment property may seem like an easy way to genterate extra income. But it takes knowledge, diligence and time. According to the National Association of Realtors, 40 percent of home sales in 2005 were second homes, and 35 percent of current investment property owners plan to buy another property in the next two years.

Since 63 percent of those questioned by the NAR plan to rent their properties, here are a few tips for potential landlords:

1. Never accept a credit report that a potential tenant gives you. Run your own credit report.
2. Check References. When screening tenants, ask for at least two references. It is good to ask for the past two landlords as references and job references. Personal references are less reliable.
3. Buy adequate insurance. Protect yourself and your investment, make sure you are properly insured. Also have photos of the property showing the condition prior to the tenant moving in. This is especially important for furnished rentals.
4. Do not use a “made up” lease. Use the standard lease available for a small fee from the Kauai Board of Realtors. Also make sure you have “house rules”, have them posted and make sure you review them with the tenant at the time of move in.
5. If you are a novice at managing investment property, you are very busy it is worth hiring and working with a real estate professional who has access to forms, can watch over the property, and can manage your investment.

6. If you live out of the State of Hawaii you must by law employ a licenced property management company to take care of your investment property.

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Vanessa’s June Market Update 

While the majority of the States puts on a brave face during a sluggish market, here in
Paradise, the residential market segment is in good shape verses its 2006 performance. (Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for vacant land or its commercial cousins.) This could be attributed to
Kauai being ideally positioned, to capture more than its fair share of the 75 million baby boomers, those that are either about to retire or are busy planning their active sun filled golden years. Okay, it’s probably not fair to give all the credit to the Baby boomers, there are a fair number of buyers who have enjoyed a health return on their savvy real estate investments in the last four years and are now moving up and not out, and the first time buyers able at last to get their feet on the first run of the property ladder. It is the first time we have seen single family homes for sale under $400K for a long time.

So here are the scores on the doors for June 2007:

New Listings             580

Price changes           85

Sold (Cash)              64

Sold (Conv)             44

Total Sold                108

Expired   listings          9

Source: MLS

The median house price for June is $639,250   median home prices favorably up at 6.72% on this time last year. Hey, you could always just come for a vacation!

Vanessa Schwartzel, blogger in training.

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I am not just a Realtor® or a blog South Kauai Homes Sales,I am also passionate about chocolate! No big deal I hear you say, but here on Kauai it could very well be the next big deal. With the pineapple and sugar industry almost gone, chocolate could be the new kid on the block. There are a growing number of people on the island interested in growing chocolate in their gardens, this could just be the beginning a small cottage industry. As my grandmother always said to me “from little acorns grow great oaks.”

It takes about five years for a chocolate tree or Cacao to mature and bear fruit – large pods that grow directly from the truck of the tree. So, this is not going to be an instant cash crop but, more of a labor of love. They blossom living under the canape of other trees, and often they are inter planted with gliricidia also know as Madre de cocao, which is a fast-growing nitrogen fixer with medicinal properties and attractive flowers.

 Our humidity, sunshine and rain also makes the climate here in Hawaii just perfect for them. If you are interested in finding out more about growing chocolate here on the island please call or e-mail me.  808-651-8484.

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