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The down turn in South Kauai Home Sales  could work in some seller’s favors. As the availability of better homes continue, and the recent stimulus by the federal government to cut interest rates make mortgages relatively inexpensive by comparison for well qualified buyers. Trading up now gives buyers the opportunity to change important factors about [...]

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Omao I was recently told means in the Hawaiian language “Green” on account, I presume,  of the areas’ lush green landscape. This sought after neighborhood, is minutes from Koloa Town and is home to predominantly single family homes often tucked down trails in the valley or hugging the hilltop with stunning panoramic views. Omao is [...]

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I’ve recently noticed some places for sale listed as a “short sale” in the South Kauai Home Sales area. My understanding is that they are trying to get an offer to present to the lender in hopes they will accept the offer instead of the seller defaulting on the loan and forcing the lender to [...]

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