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Global warming is not exactly new news here at South Kauai Home Sales, we are hearing on a regular basis something about global warming and how our uses of fossil fuels has caused greenhouse gases which appears to be contributing to the potentially damaging climate change, we are not immune from what is going on around us in the world here on Kauai. So, I respectively suggest we sit up and pay attention.

We can all reduce our “carbon footprint” If you are not up to speed on the concept of carbon footprints, it is basically a way of gauging the effect a business or person is having on the environment by measuring the amount of carbon dioxide their lifestyle, or business, produces.

 Carbon footprints are notoriously tricky to work out, this doesn’t just mean working out how much electricity you use it also means looking at the environmental impact all aspects of business and home life can have.

To reduce carbon footprints start with the three P’s power, paper and plastic. Where financial regulations allow see if receiving communications electronically over the internet is feasible. Use materials from a recycled or sustainable resource. Or simply look into the possibility of carbon offsetting.

Carbon Offsetting is usually something companies and people do when they cannot reduce their carbon footprints any further. For instance most businesses and homes require more electricity to run than can be practicably be supplied by renewable energy resources. So to offset the carbon dioxide they are creating by the power they need to use, they plant trees, which as we all know extracts carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Did you know that manufacturing recycled paper uses 70% less energy and less water? It is also releases fewer pollutants and reduces the amount of waste to be disposed.

But 100% recycled paper can’t be recycled indefinitely – the fibre downgrades and eventually can’t be used for papermaking. So most recycled papers contain a percentage of new fibre

If you are interested why not check out your carbon footprint  

Carbon Footprint Calculator

December 4th, 2007 at 3:03 pm