The Renaissance Woman of Kauai

Widgets are all the rage! 

Here is one of my favorites, well if you are a cat lover! you will enjoy. This widget can be found on the widgetbox site in the fun and entertainment section.  Maukie V. 6.

 What is a widget I hear you say! 

More commonly described as  (widget) a placeholder name for an object or, more specifically, a mechanical or other manufactured device, so there you have it!  They, in my opinion, are a gentle diversion from the chores of life, a procrastinator’s delight, a reason to raise ones head from the keyboard, and be distracted, just for a short while at… least. Beats staring at cute gay guys  or thinking that the best consolation for not being rich or thin is pretty shoes.  Where might one find the latest widgets?

 Well, one might try perusing the following sites! 

·         Widgetbox ·          Windows Gallery

·         Yahoo   

Have fun!    

August 22nd, 2007 at 9:48 pm