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Top 10 Benefits of  Home Staging Services

1.    Staged Houses sell for higher prices-on average 17% says Cheri Dueker -Transitional Designs, LLC

2.    Staged Homes sell faster-on average 50% LESS TIME

3.    Saves time- Service often includes open house and refresher services to keep homes “show ready”

4.    Saves money-cheaper than the first price reduction and each house needs less marketing

5.    No more empty houses-only 10% of prospective buyers can visualize the potential of an empty home

6.    Happy sellers  is a “win-win” for everyone

7.    Less Stress-Removes the realtor from the uncomfortable position of giving “staging” advice to their clients

8.    Value added service-adds service to the package you offer to sellers

9.    Enhances the professional image of the Realtor and the Seller’s home

10.  Stagers are a professional support team to assist YOU

Contact me for a  comprehensive list of local staging services.  

August 18th, 2007 at 11:51 am
One Response to “10 Reasons why a Realtor should recommend Home Staging Services”
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    Susan Marshall Says:

    I saw your web site offering a comprehensive list of local staging services. We’re thinking of selling our home on the east side. Please let me know who you recommend. Thank you.