Hawaiian Paradise Park

Hawaiian Paradise Park or HPP is the largest subdivision in Puna. It has nearly 9000 lots, most of which are on one acre lots. Like so many of the subdivisions in Puna it is private which means no county maintained roads. The current road assessments are $163 a year. There are no other subdivision dues. All of the main access roads are paved and the side roads are cindered. They just got a large loan to begin paving the side roads over the next several years.
HPP is just south of Hilo on the makai (ocean) side of highway 130. It stretches from the ocean to the Highway which is about four miles and is about three and a half miles wide. Currently there is more new construction going on there than anywhere else on the east side. Typical new construction starts around $290,000 to $360,000 for 3 bedroom/2bath homes. Homes on or near the ocean will range up in price to $1,000,000. HPP is zones agricultural so there are orchid nurseries next to private homes and of course you will find chickens. One acre lots are starting in the mid $50,000’s and go up in price close the the ocean. Some areas are wooded with Ohias and other native trees, while other areas have either Albizia trees or are more open. Catchment water is the norm with the exception of some houses along Hawaiian Paradise DR up to the fire station. I know that many people have installed wells. I have a friend who has inspected the water in several of the wells over the years and he says that if you get a well be sure and have the water checked. Most are pure water but some are pollluted by near by cess pools.
HPP is family friendly and it’s a good place to meet your neighbors. The neighborhood association is active and it has a strong Neighborhood Watch Program. It has a few community parks, including an undeveloped one on the ocean. One of my favorite hikes leaves from HPP that stretches along the coast a couple of miles to Shipman Beach. Shipman beach is a beautiful sand beach in Puna.
HPP has a large inventory of homes on the market. This is great for buyers because there is a lot to choose from and sellers are in the mood for negotiating these days. A few older homes are on the market for under $200,000 and many new homes are listed under $300,000. Several homes have ocean views and views of both Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa. All in all HPP is known as a pretty nice place to live.
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