February 11, 2015

Paniau Surf Cottage at the end of Puako Beach Road , Big Island Hawaii

The Big Island of Hawai’i, which is bigger than all of the other islands combined, still has the true authentic feel of old Hawaii. Unlike the other more developed islands in the chain, the Big Island feels primordial and wild. This tropical sanctuary is for health-conscious travelers, adventure loving enthusiasts, and romantic traveling, and cultural studies Hawai’i is a favorite. Activities like hiking, kayaking, deep sea fishing, diving and snorkeling play a big part in local life, which is primarily lived outdoors in the warm but trade wind-cooled breezes. If you’re looking for a low-key, outdoorsy holiday in Hawaii, the Big Island is the tropical sanctuary you seek.

Many of you may know us from our 17 years of having had our office located in Puako, next to the M’s Puako General Store. Pattie Freeman, Realtor also known as “Puako Pattie” has lived and worked in the area since she moved to the Big Island in the late eighties.

The translation of Puako is literally “sugar cane blossom” Pua (blossom) and Ko (sugar cane). The area was settled by the Hawaiians, who established several small fishing villages along the coast. Puako has a rich history of petroglyph art. Access to the uako Petroglyphs is easy through the Mauna Lani Resort near Paniau Beach Park at the end of Puako Beach Drive.

Puako , Paniau Surf Cottage

Puako , Paniau Surf Cottage

Here is what some guests have mentioned about the Paniau Beach Cottage

Dear Patti,
Below is our review. Please feel free to post it wherever it could be useful. Again we had a wonderful stay and appreciated your attentive care. Don S
We are two couples who vacation together every year. We stayed at the Paniau Surf Puako house and it could not have been more perfect for our needs. With exposures in all four directions there is a delightful ocean breeze 24/7. This beach lanai house has charm and character. The rooms were spacious and we were particularly delighted with the large, updated fully appointed kitchen. We arrived in the late afternoon, unpacked, and strolled across the street to the ocean where we sited a number of spouting whales. A good omen to what was a wonderful four days on the north-west coast of the big island. We also found Patti, her son Jonathan and the caretaker next door extremely helpful and attentive. Don & Polly S.