November 17, 2009

Relax in your Hawaiian Pune’e and read a book

In Hawaii with our relaxed lifestyle, one piece of furniture that many of us love to have in our homes is called a Pune’e which is a moveable couch or bed seen in corners of living rooms, on the lanai or covered porch and other rooms of the home.  The pune’e was originally a stack of lauhala mats used by Native Hawaiians for sleeping or lounging in grass houses.  Today, Pune’e’s are used as extra sleeping areas as well as lounging and napping during the day.  They are often created from single or double beds with lots of pillows or bolsters added for comfort and support.  Some are simply set on the floor, while others are more intricate with built in support from a platform made from bamboo, teak or other exotic materials.  In Hawaii we have had a trend toward Indonesian furniture for a rustic, tropical look so some of the current day pune’e’s may have intricate carvings and be higher off the floor.  However they are made, simple to luxurious, a Pune’e is one of the most inviting places to curl up with a good book and look out at the Pacific Ocean and relax.  The multitude of colorful or designer pillows invites anyone to take a deep breath and relax to enjoy our “Hawaii Life”