June 29, 2009

Stand up Paddle surfing a big hit along the coast!

People really seem to be requesting places to go Stand -Up paddle surfing here in Puako. Surf schools and retailers in our area have reported a growth in interest for the sport known as “sup” or “supping”

Many people in California are riding these boards and the sport seems to be accepted by surfers better than kayaks trying to share the waves. Both men and women enjoy this sport and when there are no waves, this is a great way to stay in shape until the next swell.

You can rent these boards through local companies and take off right from your back yard here in Puako or any of the great access points along Puako Beach Drive.  Contact www.AlohaLivingServices.com to get rates on a lesson or to rent. You usually have to take a lesson before renting.

June 5, 2009

Dine at Denny’s and Feed the Animals, June 14th Three Ring Ranch!

Zoe the Zebra at the Three Ring RanchJune 14th come Dine At Denny’s and Feed the Animals

Denny’s Project Compassion is hosting a fundraising event June

14th from 4-9 pm. 20% of all proceeds from meals sold godirectly to the Three Ring Ranch, but wait, it gets better! 100%

of all tips are also going right to feed and care for the


We hope that the families of all of the students who have enjoyed

one of our educational programs will come have dinner (or dessert,

yummy! ) and help feed the animals this special night. Mark the

date on your calendar now and come join us.

If we fill Denny’s we can raise enough to feed and care for the

animals for several months. So bring friends, tell neighbors, email

visitors and come help support the Sanctuary.

As an extra bonus, for the first 50 tables seated a souvenir

Three Ring Ranch mug will be given out, One per table.

I’ll see you there,

Ann Goody

Curator, Three Ring Ranch

75-809 Keaolani Dr.,Kailua-Kona, Hawaii 96740 phone 808 331-8778

 animals at threeringranch.org www.threeringranch.org

June 2, 2009

6 Simple Steps to save energy

vacation_big_island.jpg1. No more Standby! Seventy Five percent of electricity used in the home is actually wasted. It’s the power electronics like TVs and computers in standby mode that really waste the energy. So turn them off when not in use. You could save a lot of money each year.

2. Turn off the lights in empty rooms. Also turn off fans, stereos, and A/C

3. Open the windows. Let the trade winds reduce A/C use. Save up to $100.00 a year on your electric bill.

4. Close the drapes and blinds before turning on the A/C. The sun’s heat makes your unit work harder, driving up the monthly energy bill.

5. This one just saves money. Sign up for Hawaiian Electric’s Energy Scout to allow the utility to turn off you hot water heater briefly during system emergencies. You will earn $3 tax credit on your monthly electic bill.

6. Take the energy pledge. Start saving energy by declaring your commitment. Download your pledge card at www.heco.com , sign it and place it on the fridge where everyone can see it.