March 31, 2009

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Discover Hawaii’s Natural Beauty

Cove after cove of beautyDiscover Hawaii’s Natural Beauty If you’re looking for fresh floral air, warm and calm waters, sunny beaches and beautiful sunrises and sunsets to refresh and energize you, then the Big Island of Hawaii is the place for you. Altogether, the chain of Hawaiian Islands has a breathtaking, natural beautywhich encompasses incredible scenery, vistas, valleys, violent waterfalls, blowing winds & volcanic Island chains. People are also attracted by the Hawaiian mystical rainforests and clear blue waters. Hawaii, with its wide spread flora, fauna and fresh greenery, is the perfect place to satisfy your strong desire for tropical adventure. Hawaii is the home to one of the world’s most active and dormant volcanoes, rainbows, snow, rushing rivers, historical sites and the world’s tallest sea mountains. But perhaps Hawaii’s most unique feature is its Aloha Spirit: the warm affection of the people of Hawaii that wonderfully complements the Islands’ fluctuating temperatures. Activities like hiking, bird watching, sailboat tours, kayaking, deep sea fishing, diving and snorkeling are regular pastimes in local life. Unlike some other more developed islands in the volcanic chain, the Big Island feels more prehistoric, exotic, lush and wild. Vacation Rentals in Hawaii The array of Hawaii Vacation Rentals found here, combine the unique, practically attractive landscapes of the Big Island with a fresh level of beauty. The elegant and masterfully designed homes, cottages and condos look graceful among the residential neighborhood, while providing breathtaking oceanfront views on the magnificent Kohala and Kona Coast. The Big Island & the Kona and Kohala coasts provide a great variety of opportunities for relaxation. In Hawaii, people can find plenty of vacation cottages, suitable for couples, small families and even groups. People can enjoy their holidays in well furnished & beautifully designed houses and gorgeous private rentals. Some of the world’s most upscale resorts are found here. The vacation rentals of Hawaii are perfect for both adventure and nature lovers to discover and enjoy the charming island.

March 19, 2009

Kohala Coast a great place for unique artists like Angel Prince of

People often ask what do people do when they live in this area. This area is loaded with activities like dance classes, painting, nature tours and culinary spectaculars.

One well known local artisan ,Angel Prince, of Prince Dance helps organize and teach classes and events along the Kohala and Hamakua Coast lines. One class she is currently promoting is the Argentine Tango every third Friday of the month.

Friday March 20th

6:30-7:30 class
7:30-10:30 Milonga

At the Blue Barn in Puuanahulu
Upper road to Kona/waimea across
from the Big Island Country Club

PrinceDance was formed to create new works of dance designed to enlighten, challenge and inspire its audiences. Using a multitude of mediums, the company explores new realms of expression and perspectives on personal, social and universal issues. PrinceDance strives to push boundaries and ignite new thoughts through its performances, classes, and collaborative projects.”

 From Rehearsal page of

I am fascinated as I watch: Angel Prince creates as she moves. She talks her dancers through the fluid motion of her mind as it is translated through her body. What I see happening is the best likened to the work of a sculptor.How the truly gifted sculptor allows the form to emerge from the stone, simple does the work of peeling off the layers, helping it to find and reveal its shape. For Angel, the dance emerges, quite naturally. Her task, and clearly her gift, is to intuit it. Feel it in the air around her body, how it moves in the music around her ears.

When I first met her, it was easy to understand her as a performer, a dancer and lover of life, but when I saw her work, as an instructor and as choreographer, I was able to understand more fully what makes her tick. It is not just dancing or just teaching, or even just coming up with movements that fit music. It is art. The dynamic business of intuiting form from nebulous matter and bringing to life in physical movement what we might only have been able to sense viscerally. Perhaps the greatest gift she gives to those she teaches is a way to communicate with the body ideas that are truly profound and which might simply be obscured by language. There is no argument in what simply rises in our hearts as we watch the body move and express. It just is. Thus is born the gift to the audience.

Be sure to visit her site.  
Visit PrinceDance SiteArgentine Tango

March 6, 2009

“Solar Wind Surf Band” Saturday evening fundraiser for the Hualalai Academy

Solar Wind Woody– by Kim SweeneyFolks,Looking for something to do Saturday night?Our Band (John Baldwin & Kim Sweeney + 6)   “Solar Wind Surf Band” Will be playing this Saturday evening at a fundraiser for the Hualalai Academy.We will play our “instrumental rock classics” from the late 50”s and early 60’s              >From 5-7 PM                     DJ Dance music for the rest of the evening.Steak & Lobster DinnerSee this website for details.


Just another great event on the Kohala Coast!