June 12, 2008

Kona Coffee and Tea Company award winning farms

coffee_club.gifcoffee_club.gifThe Kona Coffee & Tea CompanyThe Kona Coffee & Tea CompanyAloha on this pleasant Thursday in Puako Hawaii. I came to work this morning and walked through the door, there it was that wonderful aroma of coffee brewing.

Malia Bolton of The Kona and Tea Company, another local business we truly appreciate. We use their coffee for our Vacation Rental clients. They always seem to love the true 100% Kona Coffee and its full flavor.

Copied from The Kona Coffee and Tea Company home page.

Kona Coffee from Kona, Hawaii, rivals the finest coffee in the world, and is an unique Gourmet gift. We offer only 100% Kona Coffee with the Kona Coffee Council seal of approval. We 100% guarantee you will enjoy our coffee.

The Kona Coffee and Tea Company presents you with 100% Private Reserve estate grown Kona Coffee. It is grown high above the Kona, Hawaii’s coastline in the rich soil of the Volcano Hualalai. Perfect elevation. Perfect clouds, rain and sun.

Our process begins on our farm:
After hand picking, we bring our best coffee cherries down from our mountain orchards and process them to remove the red skin and pulp. Then they are laid out in the tropical Kona sun to dry, a process taking many days and constant raking to turn each coffee bean for consistent drying.

The coffee beans are then hulled to remove their parchment and graded by both size and density. Only after the very best Kona coffee beans are selected are they given their USDA final inspection and grading.

Small batch roasting create s the rich flavor and aroma you associate with Kona Coffee. Our Estate Grown Private Reserve Kona coffee makes The World’s Most Perfect Coffee

Owning my own coffee farm would be a dream come true. Of course it creates local jobs and promotes fresh locally farmed goods.

Of course it could be a great way to retire and have a part time job at the same time. There are a few local Kona Coffee farms available for sale. One of the Estate Farms has 2 vacation rentals located on it. E mail me for details.

June 4, 2008

I can get an insurance break from having an alarm system ? Another great way to save money on our Investment

Fire Protection and home automationI went up to Kohala Ranch today to look at the possibility of installing an alarm system for a home going into the rental program. Considering there is so much building going on inside the ranch I sometimes worry about the possible break in factor. Even though Kohala Ranch has a security gaurd and they seem to do an excellent job, I am really thinking of going ahead with a system for the new vacation rental we are currently putting on the inventory list.

Mark Morphew of Security Tech informed me that there are many benefits from installing a system like they provide and other companies in the area have access to. They are concentrating on large estates between Maui and the Big Island including Kukio near the Four Seasons Resort. He also informed me that there are many celebrities on Maui now using their intricate systems including some luxury estate clients in the Pauoa section of the Muana Lani Resort.

One of the benefits that caught my eye right off the bat was the discount insurance companies give you for installing such systems. Insurance for some of these larger estates now being developed can cost quite a bit , especially if you don’t install some kind of system early on in the building and development stages.

After all of the big fires last year we had multiple owners calling from the mainland asking if their home was in any danger. Of course thanks to the local fire departments’ amazing job of controlling what seemed to be a large fire with the potential to destroy homes, everything turned out fine. I was reading through the Security Tech web site for Maui and found this information.

Security Tech “Installing a monitored fire protection system could save your house and, more importantly, your loved ones! Fire is one of the greatest threats to your home and family. Within minutes a small fire can spread through your house, so every moment counts when it comes to response. By connecting Security Tech’s sophisticated fire detection equipment with our state-of-the-art monitoring center, you can rest easy knowing that your home and family are protected from the tragedy of a devastating fire.
With a Security Tech fire protection system, fires are automatically detected within moments of their origin, saving precious time when it really counts. The system protects you while you are sleeping… when you are most vulnerable, and can pinpoint the exact location of the fire’s origin to better direct responding authorities. Always on guard, always alert. 24/7/365. Even when you’re not home or don’t know a fire has started.

If you think you could never be a victim of home burglary because things like that don’t happen in your neighborhood. . . think again! Home burglary can happen in any neighborhood. Statistics show homes without security systems are more than twice as likely to be broken into than homes with security systems. Many home owners do not realize how vulnerable they are in the their own home until it’s too late. The key to preventing home burglary is knowledge.

Security Tech puts you in control of your home entertainment, home communications, and home comfort. Surround sound home theater. Music in every room. Wireless networking and Internet access. One-button programmed lighting. Advanced home office options. Security Tech Home Automation solutions allow you to fully enjoy the lifestyle applications that provide a richer, more fulfilling home living experience.

HOME ENTERTAINMENT SOLUTIONS. From amazing audio to spine tingling gaming, they offer you all of the exciting top entertainment choices with none of the connection complications. Experience sights and sounds that will change your lifestyle.

HOME COMMUNICATION SOLUTIONS. From easy Internet access to convenient multi-line phones to professional level home office technology, Security Tech Home Communications Solutions provide the features you need to keep your family and business communicating efficiently.

IMAGINE YOUR HOME RESPONDING TO YOUR NEEDS AND LIFESTYLE. With Home Comfort solutions , the way you live in and around your home will change forever as you gain ultimate control over your lighting and environment. Experience a new world of home comfort and control.”

Alert Alarm of Hilo also had their master technician stop by and offered their services. I am pretty sure there are multiple alarm companies coming to the area due to all of the growth in recent years on the Big Island. Look through the yellow pages or internet listing services to get all the details on their specialties, especially if you are building or are currently in the proces of planning your secure future in the islands.

June 3, 2008

Renewable Energy Services, Inc. another great local family business on the Big Island of Hawaii

Roof Mount Solar PanelsMy neighbor Rolan at Kawaihae Village began talking about all of the possible Solar options available for me and the ways to mount them. He was telling me it is much more reasonably priced to mount them on the roof which seemed surprising to me, I was guessing the ground mount option would be better. Shows you what I know. If you are feeling a little confused like I was on the best practices of solar then you may want to check with a company like this one. He was saying on the roof it could handle winds up to approx 120 mph.

Roof or ground mounted – Stand alone or Grid-tied; RES solar electrical systems are designed to be safe and reliable. RES, Inc. is the most experienced solar company on Hawai‘i Island. Over many years, we have installed and continue to maintain more than 200 PV systems that continue to operate at full capacity.

When you go solar, be sure to take along the experts!

Please call or email us anytime to inquire about designing your new system!

Ph: 808-775-0852
email:  res at ilhawaii.net

Remote Systems
The beauty of a remote site with all the modern amenities RES remote solar electrical systems incorporate state of the art components with easy to understand instrumentation. Reliability and ease of operation are designed into each system. Unsurpassed after sale service keeps your system running at peak year after year. We live with remote solar, at RES, we walk our talk!

Grid-Tied Systems (Residential & Commercial)
Turn your utility meter backwards with the sun. Now grid connected homes and businesses can install solar electrical systems in parallel with the utility. Solar powers the load during the day and excess power is stored in the grid for use later at night. RES “Net Metered” systems are easy to install and require zero scheduled maintenance. Purchase your next thirty years of power with today’s dollar and put the sun to work for you.

Lisa at large water pumping
system at a ranch in Kaupo, Maui
Water Pumping Systems
Water for agriculture no matter where it’s needed RES water pumping systems can handle 3 phase submersible and surface well pumps for every need. Smaller systems can circulate your swimming pool, provide water pressure for remote rain catchment systems or power fountains and landscape waterfalls. Put the experienced RES design team to work for your next water project!

Systems Warranty
The longest, most comprehensive guarantee in the business. The best components can only perform safely and reliably if they are designed and assembled properly. In addition to individual component warranties, all RES systems are further protected by a performance guarantee. We stand behind our work because we know what we’re doing!

Copied from Renewable Energy Services web site. Contact your local yellow pages for other Solar Installation companies.