March 25, 2008

Thirteen Customer Facts — Quality Service in Real Estate Hawaii

Aloha , its been a while since the last blog due to the rush of high season and we are currently working on some exciting new Real Estate Projects that will be ready by April.

Living on the Big Island and working on the Big Island you often times interact with the same people and businesses throughout the years.
Patricia Freeman of Hawaii Vacation Rentlas Inc. has been doing Real Estate in the islands for over 20 years, including the outrageous land and luxury home buying that went on in the 1980′s with the Japanese market.

Here are a Thirteen Customer Facts.

1. Dissatisfied customers tell an average of 10 other people about their bad experiences: 12% tell up to 20 people.
2. Satisfied customers will tell an average of 5 people about their positive experience.
3. It costs 5 times more money to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one.
4. If 20 customers are dissatisfied with your service, 19 will not tell you. Fourteen of 20 will take their business elsewhere.
5. Up to 90% of dissatisfied customers do not complain of poor service.
6. In many industries (including Real Estate), quality of service is one of the few variables that can distinguish a business from its competition.
7. The first 30 seconds of a phone call or meeting sets the tone for the remainder of the contact. The last 30 seconds are critical to establishing lasting rapport.
8. Providing high quality service can save your business money. The same service that leads to increased customer satisfaction on also leads to increased employee productivity.
9. Customers are willing to pay more to receive better service.
10. 95% of dissatisfied customers will become loyal customers again if their complaints are handled well and quickly.
11. A good sale is good service.
12. Good service leads to increased sales and bookings.
13. Have a great attitude along with a sense of purpose in Real Estate.

Years of great service and customer service by Hawaii Vacation Rentals has met these requirements and continues to create new clientel. We appreciate your business.