December 18, 2007

Old Republic Title really has been informative

Our office has been enlightened on all of the services of Old Republic Title Company. We really have enjoyed all the informative information Regina Orlando has provided Hawaii Vacation Rentals relating to investment properties and vacation rentals.

Regina Orlando is a great resource for the latest services Old Republic Title can provide for you and your endeavor in the Hawaii Real Estate market.

As Regina informs us we will keep you posted “Old Republic Title Company provides real estate transfer products and services for individuals, businesses and governments. Our services are highly comprehensive and flexible to respond to changing market environments and to ensure your transaction is settled according to the most current industry standards. We’re committed to expediting the timely close of your real estate transaction by underwriting and managing each transaction with the highest levels of technical skill, client services and professional integrity.

When real estate ownership is transferred, the stakes are high and reputations are on the line. Every participant in the transaction needs to know the exact possibilities and limitations presented by the transfer. This is what makes title examination and insurance services – like those provided by Old Republic – invaluable. Old Republic minimizes the risks of real estate transactions by providing an insured statement about the ownership. “”

After many years of research and development HVR finds that it really is difficult to get out there and get secure information concerning quality companies to work with. Thats where Hawaii Vacation Rentals can really save you time and money by knowing the qualified companies already proven on our island.

Looks like the winds are still going to stick around for a few more days. As usual its still sunny here of course.

Have a great Holiday or as they say Mele Kaliki Maka.

December 7, 2007

Historical Sites on the Big Island

mauna-kea-158.jpgLearning about the native Hawaiian culture is one of the best things about this area. Its amazing all of the stories of each unique area.

We have a great cd that you can put in your cd player called “Big Island Audio Tour”

It tells of the Beaches, the history, pronouncing Hawaiian language, and side trips.

Its very helpful to have this information as you travel around. It also has 36 beautiful photographs of Hawaii.

Most travekers head to Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park, the states top visitor attraction.
What legendary volcano goddesss Madame Pele hath wrought over the ages will make for an awe-inspiring discovery. From steaming calderas to lush forests, this national park is a true wonder of the world

Hawai’i's most active volcano is also one of the worlds safest. There is a charge to get into the park. Also bring a flashlight and warm closes.

Be careful but have a true wonderous adventure.

Take the Time to Check References

resize-whales-view.JPGThe most distinguished builders in the area expect and even want you to check their references. More luxury home clients are taking the time to do this research as the move toward quality workmanship continues to grow. Here are 8 good questions to ask a builder’s last clients.
1. Are you happy with your home?
2. Did the builder respect the budget and give and honest appraisal of costs early on?
3. Was the house built on schedule?
4. Did the builder bring creativity to your project?
5. Were you well informed so that you properly understood each phase of the construction?
6. Was the builder accessible and on-site?
7. Does the builder provide good service now that the project is complete?
8. How much help did you get from the builder in the choosing of the products in your home?

Smith Brothers Construction provides all of these great questions to ask. What we like about that is they are being accountable as a company by asking themselves these questions. You know they are working with a concept and a mission which in the more recent building boom was lost just a bit.

Most of the homes in this area are becoming luxury. Homes on the Mauka (Mountain) side sell for over a million. Those on the Makai (ocean side) of the street are ranging from 3-5 million on average depending on the home. When spending these kinds of dollars you really do want to work with the best only. Do your research, take the time and please check the references.

Harbor Gallery Moves its Local Art back to original building

michael-cassidy.jpgThe Harbor Gallery is a great place to purchase original local art. Gunner and Ellie Mench run the Gallery and are always so easy and pleasant to work with. What we really like about their company is that its a family business like many here on the Big Island.

Located next to Cafe Pesto on Kawaihae the Harbor Gallery includes Koa desks and framed local art. Its a great place to stop in and buy a nice gift to take back to the mainland or a local birthday party.

Local art is the way to go when decorating a new home or refreshing your current living space.
Some of the original lava flow photos are amazing to look at. It feels like you are right next to a flowing lava field. I also like the silk prints they carry, they are framed and really have vibrant colors.

Its also Pearl Harbor Day today. We know that was not the greatest day in Hawaii and its long history , a true sad turn of events that lead to World War II. We pay our respects to all the individuals that were involved in the day that will be with us forever.

Have a great weekend.

December 3, 2007

The Green Flash of the Sunset

Hale Lihi Kai SunsetAloha again from the Big Island. It looks as if the storm that just came through will bring snow to Mauna Kea and possibly Mauna Loa. Its actually great for the islands dry spell. The waves are truly starting to get bigger also so make sure you always check on the changing weather and wind and water conditions before heading out.

One of the greatest things you can see here is the Sunset going into the ocean on the horizon.
Sometimes you will see a Green Flash as it looks like its going into the ocean.

What is the Green Flash you ask?

Well you have to be right on the Coasline to experience it, which Puako is. Some places on land see it at sunrise and sometimes sunset.

Is it real or, as Frank Deford pondered in his December 1999 article on the Florida Keys, “just a Keysian Loch Ness Monster”?

“When rays of light enter the atmosphere , the’re bent, and the amount of bending depends on the wavelengths,” says Andrew T. Young, an astronomer at San Diego State University.

“The blue and green end of the spectrum is normally bent more: the red and orange end of the spectrum is bent less.”

The colors are seperated as if by a prism. On a hazeless , flat horizon, when the sea or land is sharply warmer or cooler than the air, red and orange wavelengths vanish, leaving blue and green dominant. The result : The sun’s disk briefly flashes green.

So yes there truly is a Green Flash here in Puako. Most of our shorline luxury vacation rentals experience a true green flash.