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Princeville Kauai condo (and house) update + a little extra – for the week of Feb 3rd to Feb 9th


Valentines day is near and if you’re lucky enough to be on Kauai, there are many, many romantic/exciting things to do. First choice is often a nice restaurant. You have quite an assortment from the Dolphin Restaurant or Postcards in Hanalei, to Duke’s at Kalapaki Bay or Roy’s or the Beach House in the Poipu area. There are many great restaurants here but they book up quickly so don’t wait too long. If you like something more active, contact one of the activity desks and schedule a paddle/hike up the Wailua River which includes lunch at a beautiful waterfall, or go ziplining at Princeville ranch where you can also ride horseback then hike down to a waterfall for a refreshing dip and lunch. ATV tours are also great fun. They even have a combo tour which includes ATV’ing and a horsebackride.

If you prefer something less strenuous, a helicopter tour of the Island is amazing. Or indulge yourself and your loved in at one of the many fine spas throughout the Island. If you like something more private, many massage therapists provide in room massages and some even do dual massages. A great resource once you get on Island, (besides just talking to the person at the activity desk) is the magazine “101 thing to do on Kauai.” If you’re clueless, this will give you plenty of great ideas. And don’t forget, it’s whale season so a boat tour to see the humpback’s up close and personal is always fun.

As for real estate, it seems to be holding steady with both condos and homes going into escrow this week. We’re seeing fewer price reductions and more activity so maybe we’re finally reaching the point where the price reflects the value. Take a look for yourself:

258701 CND C 4 4-5-4-5-24-46 FS $389,000 Nihilani #16A 1,406 #16A 2/2.00

253361 CND A 290 4-5-3-6-22-8 FS $1,225,000 Kaiulani #8 2,864 #8 3/3.01
246638 CND A 570 4-5-4-15-21-40 FS $220,000 Sandpiper #203 1,173 #203 2/2.01
259556 CND A 55 4-5-4-5-12-22 FS $349,000 Sealodge #H4 567 #H4 1/1.00

258701 CND C 4 4-5-4-5-24-46 FS $389,000 Nihilani #16A 1,406 #16A 2/2.00

250490 CND S 312 4-5-3-6-22-6 FS $1,395,000 Kaiulani #6 2,843 #6 3/3.01
SOLD 2/6/2013 for $1,200,000 (CASH) DOM 312

257442 CND S 24 4-5-4-5-13-13 FS $389,000 Kamahana #13 2,073 #13 3/2.00
SOLD 2/7/2013 for $379,500 (CNV) DOM 24

260606 CND U 3 4-5-3-6-22-2 FS $1,350,000 Kaiulani #2 2,843 #2 3/3.01
257109 CND U 92 4-5-4-12-10-7 FS $575,000 Emmalani Court #215 1,456 #215 2/2.00

245259 CND W 638 4-5-3-6-22-20 FS $2,295,000 Kaiulani #20 2,864 #20 3/3.01

254962 CND T 250 4-5-4-5-12-3 FS $429,000 Sealodge Ii #F3 556 #F3 1/1.00

246638 CND A 570 4-5-4-15-21-40 FS $220,000+ Sandpiper #203 1,173 #203 2/2.01

This information has been supplied by third parties and has not been independently verified by Hawaii Information Service and is, therefore, not guaranteed.

New Listings:
Nihilani 16A, which sold for $346K in 6/10, came on the market this week showing as in escrow priced at $389K.

Back on the Market:
Ka’iulani 8, which was purchased from the developer for $1,939,420 in 3/08, unfortunately fell out of escrow while priced at $1.225M. Short sale Sandpiper 203 is back on the market, with a bank approved price of $220K and a promise of a (relatively) quick close. Initially priced at $185K when it went under contract, this unit sold previously for $370,500 in 7/04. Sealodge H4 went into escrow on 2/4 and came right back on 2/5. This unit was purchased for $50,900 in 11/77 (original owner) and is listed for $349K

As noted under new listings, Nihilani 16A came on the market showing as in escrow.

Ka’iulani 6, which was priced at $1.395M sold for $1.2M cash. This was not a short sale even though it was purchased in 11/07 for $2,051,780. Kamahana 13 Sold for $379,500 while listed for $389K. This unit sold for $640K in 10/05.

Under Contract:
The developer’s Ka’iulani 2, priced at $1.350M, which went into escrow on 1/29, moved quickly to under contract. Emmalani Court 215 went under contract priced at $575K. It last sold for $425K in 9/03.

Ka’iulani 20 sold for $1,985,180 in 11/07 and was listed for $2.295M when it was withdrawn. It was on the market for 638 days with one price reduction from $2.495M to $2.295M.

Temporarily Withdrawn:
Sealodge F3, priced at $429K, was withdrawn. It sold for $125K in 5/99 and was on the market for 250 days at the same price.

Price Changes:
As noted under “back on the market” Sandpiper 203 went up from $185K to $220K as a bank approved price.

Now on to your Princeville Kauai home update:

260901 RES A 5 4-5-4-24-4 FS $1,049,000 4194 Waileia Pl 9,632 sqft 3,480 4/2.02

258937 LND, MTF, RES A 79 4-5-4-6-14 FS $554,900 4140 Lei O Papa Rd 18,861 sqft 1,634 2/3.00

251972 RES C 364 4-5-4-24-6 FS $890,000 4210 Waileia Pl 8,416 sqft 2,526 3/4.00
260596 RES C 11 4-5-4-20-3 FS $1,347,000 5121 Kapiolani Lp 30,742 sqft 1,989 3/2.01

254705 RES S 108 4-5-3-12-14 FS $1,375,000 3975 Aloalii Dr 7,525 sqft 3,471 3/2.01
SOLD 2/4/2013 for $1,350,000 (CNV) DOM 108

259068 RES W 62 4-5-3-12-14 FS $1,395,000 3975 Aloalii Dr 7,525 sqft 3,471 3/2.01

252290 RES T 357 4-5-4-9-17 FS $798,888 4206 Liholiho Rd 10,407 sqft 1,668 3/2.01
256428 RES T 188 4-5-4-17-27 FS $895,000 4830 Emmalani Dr 10,143 sqft 2,355 3/2.01

This information has been supplied by third parties and has not been independently verified by Hawaii Information Service and is, therefore, not guaranteed.

Now I want to take a moment to tell you what NOT to do while on Island and I’m going to start by saying that so far this year we have had five drownings, with three in one week. If I’m not mistaken, all were visitors. I noticed a comment on one of the articles about a recent drowning. The person making the comment was an activities desk person – he said when visitors ask him where to go he tells them to visit a beach with a lifeguard, especially during the winter months when the surf is high and the ocean unpredictable. He said many people tell him they want to go somewhere private where no one else goes. They often want to know how to get to the “off the beaten track” beaches known and frequented only by locals.

The flaw in that is – the locals know the ocean. I’m certainly not an ocean person but even I’ve been here long enough to know when to stay out of the water, something visitors may not recognize. Yesterday, we went to Hanalei Bay where there were flags and signs posted up and down the beach warning of high surf, strong riptides and in some cases, no swimming. What might be confusing for a visitor is that there were many young children surfing (I think it was a junior surf competition) which might make you think that if children are in the water, then it must be ok for adults.

Don’t make that mistake. Those “children” you see surfing live here, know the water and are in it everyday. We walked along the beach and watched as one surfer tried paddling back out to the lineup, struggling against the waves until a riptide grabbed his board and swept him (happily) out to where he wanted to be. Trust me, when you wade into the water to swim or play in the surf and the same thing happens to you, it will quickly wipe the smile off your face.

We walked down the beach and back at the water’s edge, letting the waves crash into our legs. Even so, there were a couple of times I really had to brace myself against the receding water. We then sat on the beach and relaxed for awhile. As we got ready to leave, we passed two people who looked like visitors – they were two older people who passed us just as we walked by the signs / flags. I was honestly shocked when the gentleman asked my husband “Did you go in?” Shall I just say it outloud? “Do you not see the warnings signs and see the flags up all over? Do you not see the people sitting on the beach and did you not notice that the only people in the water were those with surf and boogie boards? Hello?!” My husband looked at him and said “No we just walked the beach.”

I had to say all this because a friend of mine knew one of the 5 who drowned – and his death was totally unnecessary. The person who drown unwittingly took his friend’s life with him as his friend jumped into the water to try and save him and also drowned. Kauai puts a lot of effort into ocean safety. I think their best advice is this “When in doubt, don’t go out.” The life you save may be your own.

Have a safe and loving Valentine’s day.

Aloha Elaine


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