Testimonials from Clients:

Nicole & Adam H., 2/21/12
“Navigating the in-depth home buying process for a first time homebuyer is a daunting challenge, as my husband and I quickly discovered. Luckily, we had Jon! He took the time to get to know us and really understand what we were looking for in our home. He was always patient and resourceful, answering any questions we had and guiding us through the process. We trust his opinion so much, we not only refer him to friends and family, but when the time comes time to sell our home, he is the real estate agent we’ll call.”

Lynn Y., 12/23/11
“May the world always be as wonderful for you as you make it for others. Thank you so much for all the help during the past three months. You are like an angel from God! Thank you so much for all your patience and understanding.”

Gai, Eunice, Masie, & Taylen W., 11/21/11
“We will always be grateful for all that you’ve done for us”.

Mitchel & Susie I., 2/24/11
“We are grinning from ear to ear with our most recent townhouse purchase and you are completely responsible for our feelings of delight. Again!

You were marvelous with our 3rd property purchase, Pearl Two near Pearl ridge in 2007, and we wanted you as our REALTOR (and nobody else) for our most recent (and 4th) property, the Ridgeway townhouse in Aiea.

We moved in earlier this month. Your assistance with our Ridgeway property purchase was invaluable. You consistently impress us with your attention to details, some that we never thought of, to both protect our interest and to save money. We also gained additional insights about Hawaii real estate from you.

We really appreciate how much time, effort and importance you placed on our real estate search. Half the time, during this property search, we were visiting in Germany or in Canada or on the East Coast and communicating by email and phone. And while we were Off-island, you visited many properties, took lots of pictures and shared great detailed notes about “the good, the bad and the fill-in-the-blank!”

Your expert guidance and trustworthiness made us feel that our requirements and interests were your highest priority in finding us that perfect property. Additionally, your strong and positive network with related professionals and businesses (title insurance company, home inspector, sourcing original blue prints and documents, etc.) streamlined the purchase process. You should know that you are held in high esteem by our long-time banker, Merilee Hendrickson-Flores, (Merilee.Flores@boh;com), as I discovered during meetings with her.

Jon, we trust you. You exceeded our expectations, and we hope to work with you again on our 5th property in a few years. In the meantime, we would appreciate receiving more business cards from you so that we can refer you to more friends and family. Sincerely”

Georgina P., 2/26/10“Jon made me feel comfortable and at ease. He made the transaction go smoothly. If it weren’t for Jon, I do not think the sale of my house would have gone the way it did. He was always on top of everything and very professional. I think he is the greatest.”

Taylen W., 11/29/09
“Jon represented us with our first home purchase. He was ever so patient in explaining terms, procedures, options, and considerations throughout the entire home buying process. He was terrific – - always prepared, thorough, and reliable. We have high regard for him as an informed, trustworthy adviser. Through the process, it was no surprise to encounter others in related roles who interface with Jon on occasion that have expressed their respect for his work, integrity, and professionalism.”

Alison & Albert K., 11/27/09
“Many, many, thanks for your guidance in our short sale. Without you, this would have been another tough Christmas. Best Wishes.”

Kathleen B., 11/9/09
“Jon is an outstanding agent. He was also a great support to me through a very, very difficult time.”

Jessica & Layton C., 4/8/08
“We didn’t know much about real estate to begin with. The only thing we knew was it is a good investment. So this was the first time we had asked a real estate agent to assist us in purchasing an investment property. We didn’t know that it cost us nothing for his assistance and instead he provided us with a wealth of knowledge and information! Thanks to Jon’s resourcefulness and high-tech real estate talents he had helped us with the ability to begin our search on the computer. Before we see a property he will provide financial outcome, market status and comparisons to assist in our decision. With the available funds we had, with in 2 months, not only did we buy one condo in Salt Lake, but closed on two in the same day in escrow! Jon really knows his business. He is a great listener for knowing what we want in order to narrow down our search and will explain everything in simple terms for us to understand from start to finish. He is honest, organized, prompt, and coordinated everything from showings, inspections, and needed repairs. What impressed us most was his bargaining power because he knows the market. We are very satisfied with Jon’s services and feel very comfortable with him as our agent and will recommend him to anyone interested in buying real estate in Hawaii. Thanks Jon for all your hard work.”

Tammy, Philip, Daniel, Samuel I., 6/17/07“We recently began looking for a new place to live, after our landlord raised our rent. We were hoping to buy something, tired of watching our hard-earned money vanish into thin air with each month’s rental payment. Our options were limited, however, and we were doubtful of our chances of finding a place. We met Jon through our church, and after hearing the price range we were thinking of and the location, he offered to help us. Within a few weeks Jon found us a place in the Salt Lake area; it was initially out of our price range, but Jon was able to talk the seller down to just within our budget. As a first-time home buyer, having Jon’s professionalism and guidance made all the difference in the world. I would recommend his services to anyone planning to sell or buy real estate. Thank you, Jon.”

Margaret M., 4/28/07
“Thanks to Jon’s diligent and persistent efforts to find a future home for me, I am now settled in a pleasant roomy condo with a “view to die for” and privacy too. Jon worked very hard to arrange many showings that he felt would appeal to my comfort, happiness, and, most important, my pocket book. His patience with my scrutiny was beyond the call of duty. Jon caringly helped me through the stresses of buying. Such as, he explained thoroughly, and in an easy to understand manner, the abundant paperwork involved. He handled the inspections. He kept me calm during the unnerving escrow proceedings. Plus, Jon aided in the accomplishment of
necessary repairs. So if you are searching for a realtor with lots of savvy, perseverance, and kindness, Jon is your man! I am truly grateful to have been one of his clients. It was an enjoyable journey. Thanks for all of your hard work and diligence!”

Susie & Mitchel I., 3/14/07
“Jon, thank you so very much for all your assistance – having you as our realtor was truly peace of mind for us. I’m hoping you show this (unsolicited) letter of appreciation to your potential clients – if only I could be there to personally inform them how wonderfully professional and caring you are as a realtor…..you provided such exceptional customer service to our family in so many ways, such as, regular and proactive communication, great listening skills, fantastic patience with our zillion questions, providing very useful information and education about the various aspects of home buying, and you did so much more. We’ve already recommended you to several friends and will continue to do so – we know our friends will be well taken care of…..On a personal note, we really appreciated your sincere desire to truly help us achieve a big dream for us – your word is gold to us – thank you so much for everything. We know we will be househunting again (can’t wait for that rental income from this property) within the next few years and we want you again as our realtor. Mahalo”

Chip & Dorothy G., 9/11/06“We again wanted to thank you for being such a great realtor. Your honesty, integrity, organizational skills, and professionalism, shine in this world of flaky people. It was a pleasure working with you, in pursing our dream (at least one of them), and making it a reality. We will recommend you very highly to any of our friends or acquaintances looking to buy in Hawaii, and you never know, we may need you again sometime. Aloha & Mahalo many times over!”

Janet & James F., 5/24/05“On behalf of our family, we would like to thank you for your hard work and caring attitude in fulfilling our dreams of owning a home in Hawaii. We felt very comfortable working with you, knowing that you had our best interest in mind. The things we admire most about you is your efficiency and honesty. We look forward to working with you again in the near future and would highly recommend your services to others. If you are ever in need of a reference, please do not hesitate to contact us, we would be more than willing to help you in any way.”

Victor A., 4/23/05“Thanks again and we are truly grateful for your assistance (in buying a condominium). I know it’s your job, but we saw your sincerity in helping people like us. When we are ready to look for a single family residence, you know that we going to call on you again….Aloha and best regards, Victor.”