This week the Federal Reserve publicized its intention to keep it’s near zero interest rate policy through 2014….to the delight of borrowers and stock market investors AND to the dismay of savers and fixed income retirees around the world.

Since 2008, the Fed has cut overnight borrowing costs to practically nil, meaning we will have experienced “emergency” rates for six years by 2014…..One can only hope that the US economy can finally stand on its own feet after such a prolonged period of “emergency” rates.

Regardless, I STRONGLY encourage all homeowners to consider refinancing their home loans if they have not already done so, as the savings can be immense…..and savers/investors, consider diversifying your portfolio with an income generating property in 2012 and borrowing some of the cost to take advantage of the rates…..Just let me know if I can be of assistance…….Aloha, Jon.

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