Real Estate SMART: How Many and How Much?

 Today is Valentines Day. In North and South Kona, MLS shows 1367 Active Listings. There are 1096 properties priced under $1M, of those 1025 are Fee Simple. They include: 364 Residences 334 Condos 308 Land Listings   13 Commercial Properties     6 Businesses The lowest priced residence, a 574 sqft home with an ocean views on 7688 [...]

“Real Estate SMART” Be Ready to Refinance

 Be Ready to Refinance when rates hit the magic mark. Often the dip in the interest rate only lasts a few hours. Ask your mortgage broker to update your file and alert you so you can lock in fast.  Refinance properties with balloon payments and those you plan to hold long term. How will you [...]


Aloha, EACH NEW YEAR BRINGS CHANGE and in 2009 my business has taken off on its own. I am now licensed to provide the services of real estate in Hawaii as Joyce Murphy Realtor.  With some regret I have left Hawaiian Isle Real Estate, LLC. To answer the question so many have asked, I remain devoted to Hawaiian Isle, Gretchen Lambeth [...]

DECORATING For the Season

Turkey Day is here! Your home is on the market for sale. Traditionally many families, like my own, begin decorating for the Holidays as soon as the Thanksgiving table is cleared. We lovingly remove the protective wrapping from ornaments that have survived decades as we recall the moments that made us a family. But what [...]


  THE OPPORTUNITY TO SUPPORT Kona Coffee farmers is yours on Thursday. Next to tourism, Kona Coffee is our best known commodity. For many, it is what puts Kona on the map. The Kona Coffee Farmers Association is greatly concerned about the possibility of genetically modified coffee destroying their very valuable industry. ON NOVEMBER 13TH, 10AM TO 6PM your testimony is [...]

KONA REOs Bank Owned Property For Sale

For Full Information or Regular Updates  Click and type “Send REO Updates” Because these properties are not listed by Hawaiian Isle Real Estate, I can work as your Exclusive Buyer’s Representative to prepare your offer. Joyce Murphy, R(B) Accredited Buyers Representative  REO listings on 11/9/2008 South Kohalo – North Kona – South Kona Form Address Price CND [...]

LUXURY HOMES on Bank Repossession List

68-1991 Papakonane Ct. at Mauna Lani Point Now Reduced $2,000,000 to $1,600,000 LUXURY HOMES located in world class resorts, like this Mauna Lani Point home, top the list of bargains showing up as REO (Real Estate Owned) property for sale in West Hawaii. This Papakonane Ct. house has been available for a year now. WHY IS IT STILL on the market? Most people don’t [...]


The KONA MYSTERY CONTEST has now ended. One winner turned out to be a big Birtcher fan! I got a real kick out of the response sent by, Kimberly Gillaspie. I’m so excited to have won and to have an autographed book by Baron!  I just loved Ruby Tuesday and (Roadhouse) Hard Days Night.  Can’t wait to [...]


Baron Birtcher is the author of ’Angels Fall’ and ’Ruby Tuesday’.  These two mysteries novels are set in and around Kona. His central character, Mike Travis, was born – so to speak – in the office of his Kona home, Kamahale.  Christina Birtcher is a highly sought after interior designer and Re-Designer. Together they built a beautiful home in Ohai Estates that [...]

NAALEHU May Cause Rapid Weight Gain!

 BIG ISLAND RESIDENTS BEWARE! NA’ALEHU may be habit forming. Once you’ve seen the beauty of the countryside and tasted Na’alehu’s delights, you may find yourself looking forward to a Ka’u get-away. Soon you too may notice dimples on your butt, saddlebag thighs, double chins and a big belly.  You can probably walk away from the bakery’s home made salads and [...]