NEW MAPS – West Hawaii in 84 Pages

THE READY MAPBOOK of WEST HAWAII 5th Edition by Odyssey Publishing LLC. is now available at Borders Bookstore. That’s right, 84 pages with all the newest streets in Kona can be yours for only $11.95. From Hawi to Hualalai, Holualoa to South Point and all stops between, The Big Island will be at your fingertips. [...]

MOVING? You Need These Numbers!

BEFORE YOU MOVE TO WEST HAWAII you will be wanting to call for the basic services in Kona – that’s assuming you won’t be living off the grid. 808-643-3456 Telephone 808-329-3584 Electric 808-322-0600 Water 808-935-0021 Gas 808-329-2418 Cable 808-329-9311 Newspaper IF “OFF THE GRID” MEANS NOTHING to you, you might want to check on the [...]

My Quest for a Flat Big Island Map

THE ONLY THING I’M MORE EMBARRASED TO ADMIT than taping copied pages of the West Hawaii Map book to my bedroom wall is how long it took me to figure out why the edges of the pages wouldn’t match up. Not that you’re as slow on the up take as I am, but it’s because [...]

Aloha from Joyce!

MAHALO for visiting my blog, part of the Aloha Living Blog Network. My husband and I love living in Kona, and I hope to be able to share with you both my professional and personal thoughts about buying, selling, and diving on the Big Island, Hawaii. In the days to come I plan to tell [...]