WAYNE’S WORLD Burger Opens Business

Aloha Divers, WELCOME TO WAYNE’S WORLD! If you’ve spent any time diving in Kona you may be familiar with Wayne Burger. In fact if you’ve taken dive classes at Jack’s Diving Locker, he may have been your instructor. Wayne is “out of the water” now, but his love of Kona’s beautiful underwater world has not [...]


The KONA MYSTERY CONTEST has now ended. One winner turned out to be a big Birtcher fan! I got a real kick out of the response sent by, Kimberly Gillaspie. I’m so excited to have won and to have an autographed book by Baron!  I just loved Ruby Tuesday and (Roadhouse) Hard Days Night.  Can’t wait to [...]

KONA MYSTERY By My New Favorite Writer

  AS REQUESTED, I AM LINKING directly to Baron R. Birtcher’s* official web site where you can find sources for ”Angels Fall” and Killer Coffee online.  My diving friends from are Alaska report that Birtcher’s books are in short supply. I’ve noticed Boarder’s Bookstore in Kona is nearly sold out too. So I contacted my new favorite mystery writer, and fellow diver, Baron.  He offered THIS [...]

KONA DIVE starts with a Spotted Eagle Ray

  WHEN YOU STEP OFF THE BOAT, deflate your BC, clear your ears at 10 feet and see a Spotted Eagle Ray flying leasurly past about 30 feet away, you know this is going to be a killer dive day!  We recovered from that excitement when we noticed a medium sized White Mouth Morey hunting with a Peacock Grouper [...]

HUMPBACK WHALES – Close Encounter In Oahu

A GREAT PHOTOGRAPHER Dave Sanford sent me the message below. “I’m so excited I have to tell all my friends what I saw today. Then again they say a picture is worth a thousand words.” Dave wrote. DaveSanfordStudios.com © 2008 Dave is a dive instructor and professional photographer who lives and works on Oahu. I [...]


WHAT IS WITH, “I’M NUDE UNDER MY WETSUIT.” I’ve come across this a couple of times on the dive boat lately and I just don’t get it. We’re all nude under our suits – right? I confess also being confused by food advertised as “organic” or “all natural”. I’ve been keeping my eyes open for [...]

DIVERS FOR LIFE – The Magnificent Ten!

From top left: Chris, Frank, Joyce, Bruce, Bill Bottom left: Pete, Ed, MJ, Kathy and Linda IF YOU’VE SPENT ANY TIME AT ALL on the Jack’s Diving Locker boats, you very likely saw at least one of the faces above. We’re often referred to by the staff as the “Lifers”. I for one was practically [...]

BLACK PEBBLE BEACH – Sounds Amazing!

BLACK PEBBLE BEACH, located at the base of Kona Paradise, is one of Kona’s most unusual Big Island beaches. Small smooth stones massage your feet as you walk. The music the pebbles make as the water recedes is just delightful. Best yet, an ocean entry is easy here for swimmers, snorkelers and divers too. There [...]

CAPTAIN DANNY Returns to Kona!

HE’S CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW AND McGiver all rolled into one happy package. Everyone has a great time when Danny Scott takes charge! After several months on Maui, Danny has returned home to Kona and Jack’s Diving Locker. While all Jack’s employees are exceptional people, Danny is perhaps the most gentle man I have ever met. [...]

WHALE SHARK! Diving The Big Island

ALOHA SCUBA DIVERS! THIS WAS THE BIG ONE, that’s right a smallish Whale Shark appeared today in Big Island waters just off Koloko! I’ve been promised a small video clip to follow soon. THAT’S RIGHT, AFTER WAITING more than 15 years to get my first glimpse of a Whale Shark, I missed one again today. [...]