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EACH NEW YEAR BRINGS CHANGE and in 2009 my business has taken off on its own. I am now licensed to provide the services of real estate in Hawaii as Joyce Murphy Realtor.  With some regret I have left Hawaiian Isle Real Estate, LLC. To answer the question so many have asked, I remain devoted to Hawaiian Isle, Gretchen Lambeth and all my friends there are some of the finest, most honest and professional agents I have ever known. We will be continue business together and will co-list property. I am sure Gretchen will always amaze and challenge me.  

THE OPPORTUNITY TO SHAPE and develope my own business vision is part of the reward that comes from working in this industry. During 2005, we sold two well known offices on the Space Coast of Florida, King Rentals, Inc. and King Real Estate Sales, Inc. With the help of Jan Petersen, I continue to own a business in Cape Canaveral, Florida as Luxury Real Estate Florida, Inc. The Florida market remains one of the most challenging in the country, but that company has settled quietly into a comfortable niche and is preforming even better than expected. Find links to all my business concerns at Now I am excited about this new venture in Hawaii.

SOON I WILL LICENSE a new Hawaii corporation, Kona Homes Inc.  The slogan, ”In Real Estate, Experience Counts” will continue to be used in Florida but will take second place to, ”Real Estate SMART” in Hawaii. I can hardly wait to roll out a new SMART campaign.

SEND YOUR CLUES TOO! If  you have a clue to market trends that can help us all be “Real Estate SMART”, please share them in the comment section below or e-mail

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Joyce Murphy Realtor and Luxury Real Estate Florida, Inc.

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