DECORATING For the Season

Turkey Day is here! Your home is on the market for sale. Traditionally many families, like my own, begin decorating for the Holidays as soon as the Thanksgiving table is cleared. We lovingly remove the protective wrapping from ornaments that have survived decades as we recall the moments that made us a family. But what do you do when your home is on the market? 

Make your photos first.  It is a bad idea to decorate for the Holidays before your photo shoot. Many Realtors syndicate listings across the web. Days on the market are stretching out. Unless your agent intends to restrict the distribution of seasonal photos and agrees to re-shoot the house after the decorations come down, make the photos first.  Once it is on the web, it stays around. You can always take a few Holiday shots to be used in print ads prior to the New Year. It is very bad marketing to have Mama Kissing Santa under the Tree floating around cyber space in June.

Stage for the Holidays.  That’s right, think of it as staging and use a little restraint. This is the time of the year when we all love to decorate over the top. If your home is going to sell, a buyer must be able to see it clearly. The scale of the decorations should not crowd or overwhelm your rooms. Vibrant decorations may capture prospects’ attention but make them forget the house.  Avoid a cluttered look by putting away part of the accessories you usually display. Try storing one item for each seasonal decoration you use.  

Buyers come from all backgrounds. Their race, religion, ethnicity and personal taste vary widely. The ability to visualize their family enjoying a particular home is an important part of the selection process. If your home is highly decorated in any culture specific manner, it may be hard for others to put themselves into that picture.

Use the spirit of the Holidays to enhance your home.  Family relationships, friendship, brotherly love, warmth, joy, good will, are some of the things we celebrate between Thanksgiving and New Years. No smell is more welcoming than holiday cookies or fresher than evergreen. No color is richer than gold, more cheerful than a touch of red. No combination is more elegant than silver with white or blue.

Decorate to welcome family, friends and buyers!  Place a spray of evergreen arranged around a group of unscented candles, pine cones or apples near your entrance. In the tropics consider using palm fronds and antherium. Set the table for a celebration. Rosemary topiaries near a batch of brownies wrapped in a big plaid napkin say, “You’ve come home for the holidays.”

Happy Holidays.
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