The KONA MYSTERY CONTEST has now ended. One winner turned out to be a big Birtcher fan! I got a real kick out of the response sent by, Kimberly Gillaspie. I’m so excited to have won and to have an autographed book by Baron!  I just loved Ruby Tuesday and (Roadhouse) Hard Days Night.  Can’t wait to [...]


Baron Birtcher is the author of ’Angels Fall’ and ’Ruby Tuesday’.  These two mysteries novels are set in and around Kona. His central character, Mike Travis, was born – so to speak – in the office of his Kona home, Kamahale.  Christina Birtcher is a highly sought after interior designer and Re-Designer. Together they built a beautiful home in Ohai Estates that [...]

VOTE – My grandmother was an early voter!

I have a hunch my grandmother would not have died for your right to vote! Controversy is not the aim of this blog, but since Sarah hit the scene, a lot of e-mail from other women my own age has been finding its way to my computer.  The Alaskans I know seem to love her.  But, it would appear that [...]