KONA MYSTERY By My New Favorite Writer

  AS REQUESTED, I AM LINKING directly to Baron R. Birtcher’s* official web site where you can find sources for ”Angels Fall” and Killer Coffee online.  My diving friends from are Alaska report that Birtcher’s books are in short supply. I’ve noticed Boarder’s Bookstore in Kona is nearly sold out too. So I contacted my new favorite mystery writer, and fellow diver, Baron.  He offered THIS [...]

KONA HOMES – Real Estate Looking Up?

THE ANSWER TO THE BURNING QUESTION, is real estate looking up in Kona is simply, no one knows but it is well worth your time to spend a few minutes looking at ceiling details.  In an area where most homes are “custom”, a great deal of time and money has been spent making these homes [...]

KONA DIVE starts with a Spotted Eagle Ray

  WHEN YOU STEP OFF THE BOAT, deflate your BC, clear your ears at 10 feet and see a Spotted Eagle Ray flying leasurly past about 30 feet away, you know this is going to be a killer dive day!  We recovered from that excitement when we noticed a medium sized White Mouth Morey hunting with a Peacock Grouper [...]