WHAT IS ESCROW – A Description by Title Guaranty

THE DICTIONARY DEFINES ESCROW as “The deposit of deed, bond, monies, contract or other written agreements with a third person to be delivered or used only upon performance or fulfillment of set conditions.” More simply, Escrow may be defined as a stakeholder. IN PRACTICE, ESCROW INCLUDES all of the services of a person skilled in [...]

HUMPBACK WHALES – Close Encounter In Oahu

A GREAT PHOTOGRAPHER Dave Sanford sent me the message below. “I’m so excited I have to tell all my friends what I saw today. Then again they say a picture is worth a thousand words.” Dave wrote. DaveSanfordStudios.com © 2008 Dave is a dive instructor and professional photographer who lives and works on Oahu. I [...]

10 THINGS NOT TO DO – In A Falling Market!

1. DON’T BUY HIGH! Don’t pay as much or more for a property as similar property sold for at the top of the market. 2. DON’T ASSUME EVERY PROPERTY IS OVERPRICED. When properties are well priced they still get snapped up almost immediately and bidding wars sometimes still erupt. 3. DON’T HOLD A PROPERTY IN [...]