DIVERS FOR LIFE – The Magnificent Ten!

From top left: Chris, Frank, Joyce, Bruce, Bill Bottom left: Pete, Ed, MJ, Kathy and Linda IF YOU’VE SPENT ANY TIME AT ALL on the Jack’s Diving Locker boats, you very likely saw at least one of the faces above. We’re often referred to by the staff as the “Lifers”. I for one was practically [...]

BLACK PEBBLE BEACH – Sounds Amazing!

BLACK PEBBLE BEACH, located at the base of Kona Paradise, is one of Kona’s most unusual Big Island beaches. Small smooth stones massage your feet as you walk. The music the pebbles make as the water recedes is just delightful. Best yet, an ocean entry is easy here for swimmers, snorkelers and divers too. There [...]

WHAT WE WANT – In Today’s Home

MORE PEOPLE WANT A SHOWER with body jets than a tub with whirlpool jets! According to “House Beautiful”, their June survey revealed 27% wanted shower jets, 23% a spa tub and (this was a surprise too) 23% wanted a tub with a view. While Chocolate and earth tones were preferred in the living room, 33% [...]