ISLAND HOME CAPITAL: On Lenders World Wide

THE NICE PEOPLE AT ISLAND HOME CAPITAL weigh in on the latest news about the loan market. I asked for permission to reprint this particular article because it speaks to the interaction between our US real estate market and the economy world wide. IT WAS THE BEST OF TIMES, IT WAS THE WORST OF TIMES… [...]

CAPTAIN DANNY Returns to Kona!

HE’S CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW AND McGiver all rolled into one happy package. Everyone has a great time when Danny Scott takes charge! After several months on Maui, Danny has returned home to Kona and Jack’s Diving Locker. While all Jack’s employees are exceptional people, Danny is perhaps the most gentle man I have ever met. [...]

Protected: BEST LOAN DEALS Are Usually At …

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SHOPPING LOANS – So what do you look for?

REFINANCING OR BUYING WHILE MORTGAGE MONEY is still reasonable? It is time to get busy but be careful out there too. LEARN THE LANGUAGE AND SHOP THREE LENDERS. That has always been the rule of thumb. It may be a little harder right now. If you are looking for loan products like stated income loans, [...]


By: BILL TRABUE, HLC Sales-Manager COUNTRYWIDE HOME LOANS Where have all the mortgage companies gone? With subprime worries dampening the mortgage industries, American Home Mortgage going bankrupt, other Lenders cutting their programs it is good to know Countrywide is still here. We have made a change to our expand criteria (stated, no ratio and reduced [...]

EASY REAL ESTATE Loan Programs Disappear!

EASY MONEY IS FAST BECOMING a thing of the past. On August 1st I spent a full day in a class called Finance. The mortgage banker teaching the class talked about disappearing mortgage programs. That’s right, the type of loans most real estate investors depend on are becoming an endangered opportunity. The very next morning, [...]

KONA CARAVAN – Beach Boys Rule!

MORE THAN FORTY REALTORS TRAVELED 44 MILES round trip to view the estate that was built for the Beach Boys during the mid 1970′s. Because this was my own listing, my focus was here on July 26th. Most of the agents who attended spent between 45 minutes and an hour touring the residential buildings. Most [...]