ESTATE SOLD – May 2008!

YOU MAY HAVE NOTICED MY RECENT PREOCCUPATION with The Beach Boys. I do love their music. It makes me feel 16 every time I hear “Surfin Safari”. I was on a trip in the Florida Keys the first time I heard “Kokomo” and the first four notes take me right back there every time. Yesterday [...]

THE BEACH BOYS – “Kona Coast” Song

DID YOU KNOW A SONG CALLED, “KONA COAST” was released by The Beach Boys in 1978? Knowing that they built a home on The Big Island during the late 1970′s, I wondered it they ever wrote anything out our beautiful island. If you listen closely you will notice that in “California Girls” they sing “I [...]

WHALE SHARK! Diving The Big Island

ALOHA SCUBA DIVERS! THIS WAS THE BIG ONE, that’s right a smallish Whale Shark appeared today in Big Island waters just off Koloko! I’ve been promised a small video clip to follow soon. THAT’S RIGHT, AFTER WAITING more than 15 years to get my first glimpse of a Whale Shark, I missed one again today. [...]


ALOHA KONA! IF THIS IS THE BIG ISLAND AND IT IS JULY 4TH I must be in Kamuela at Parker Ranch Rodeo! If you have not yet discovered Rodeo in Hawaii, you are in for a great treat. This year’s festivities began with a bit of history. Chris Kanazawa, CEO made a tribute to John [...]

THE BEACH BOYS – Name that tune?

DID YOU KNOW THAT IN THE MID 1970′S THE BEACH BOYS built a retreat on The Big Island of Hawaii? According to local residents the band would set up on the tennis court and play their hit songs for wonderful parties hosted on the grounds of the secluded estate. CAN YOU MATCH THESE WORDS with [...]


NOT ALL REAL ESTATE AGENTS ARE REALTORS but all Realtors subscribe to the National Association of Realtors Code of Ethics. A person of good character who passes an accredited real estate sales persons course can apply to the state of Hawaii to take a test. Passing the state and national standards, may allow that person [...]