KONA REAL ESTATE – June 28 Caravan

KONA REALTORS GATHERED Thursday at the new Pualani Estates Public Park D.R. Horton, Schuler homes is just completing. I was pleased to hear the third phase of the housing project would be moving forward now. Schuler has introduced some smaller – more affordable homes that will help put new families into their own homes. They [...]


WILL HAWAII LOOK LIKE THE MAINLAND with a drug store on every corner soon? As a rule I am one of the first to welcome new stores. They boost the local economy and make life more convenient. There is, however, a spirit of the islands that seems lacking in the Walgreens announcement. It never made [...]

HAWAII REAL ESTATE – May 2006 vs. 2007

THESE STATISTICS, released today by Title Guarantee are probably the most accurate of all similar compilations. Title Guarantee, the oldest and probably largest title company in Hawaii, has full and fast access to the sales data as it is recorded. The data reflected here should include “FSBO’s”. Realtors don’t usually get all the data for [...]

REAL ESTATE AGENT QUIZ – Do Hawaii Realtors score?

WALK IN THE DOOR of a large agency in Hawaii or anywhere in the country and ask to talk with someone about buying a home. You most likely will end up working with the agent on “floor duty”. Here’s a hint, new agents usually like to take floor duty to get started in business. YOU [...]


FLORIDA’S SPACE COAST NEVER TIRES of perfect launches. Moments ago I snapped this photo as Atlantis rocketed toward outer space. I cannot watch a launch without tears. I hold our breath until the solid rocket boosters fall away. THE ONLY THING MORE IMPRESSIVE THAN the a Space Shuttle rising out of a ball of fire [...]


WOW! JACK’S DIVING LOCKER HAS A NEW ADDITION! The new baby has finally arrived! Welcome the Kea Nui with Aloha. My husband, Pete, sent these photos last night. Yesterday he was lucky to be one of the first to dive from this great new addition to Kona’s fleet of dive boats. PETE REALLY LIKES THE [...]

BIG ISLAND DIVING – Here’s What We Missed!

A MALE WHITLEY’S BOXFISH is a rare sighting on the Kona side of the Big Island, so I can tell you I am really disappointed that I was not there to see this one. I want to send a special thank you to Bruce Malasky for showing us just what those unfortunates, like myself, who [...]