MISSING KONA – I’m Off Island Now

SO SORRY I HAVEN’T UPDATED my Hawaii blog recently. I’ve been on the mainland, in Brevard County Florida. That is no excuse for not updating but I must say it took several days to get my nights and days switched around. Many of you know I am also a broker in Florida. I actually own [...]

HANG LOOSE – Big Island Real Estate Tax Not That Bad!

IF BIG ISLAND REAL ESTATE is in your future, you are probably quite interested in knowing how your Kona home or second home, will be taxed. Real property is taxed by the county in which it is located. The Big Island is the County of Hawaii. It has different tax rates from the County of [...]

KONA REAL ESTATE – May 10 Caravan

DIVE FRIENDS you can use the side bar Categories to go to “Diving the Kona Side” – no Real Estate there! A FOUR MILLION DOLLAR VIEW? See how much house $3,999,000 will buy in Kona at Makalei Estates. One of Kona’s most beautiful new homes opened its doors to Kona Realtors during the weekly caravan. [...]

$293,403 NEW CONDO-Ocean View-15 Available Now

DIVE FRIENDS CAN SKIP real estate by using selecting Diving Kona Side on the side bar. THIS IS THE FIRST AFFORDABLE new housing I have seen Kona side for several years. Built under a County affordable housing program but not restricted to low income – these condos are first come. CAN YOU TELL I’M EXCITED! [...]

IN REAL ESTATE, There Are No Bad Offers!

FOR THE PAST 7 WEEKS I’ve been dealing with ‘Low-Ball’ Offers! Am I complaining? NO WAY! It is exhausting, I’m riding the same roller coaster with my clients – of whom I am very protective. Here’s the reason I put myself through this abuse – if I don’t have an offer to work with there [...]

KONA FISH – Photos from Friends!

LAST WEEK WHILE I WORKED, my husband and dive friends spent the day diving some of my favorite Kona sites. He came home with a story about getting a free manicure from the Cleaner Shrimp near the Green buoy just outside Honokohau Harbor. Now we’ve been to that rock before and there’s always been a [...]

FROM KONA WITH Aloha to Cambodia

I’d like to introduce you to some of my wonderful Kona friends. Let me begin with Mindy Berry, a fellow Realtor and a very good person. What follows is an e-mail from her during here recent trip to Cambodia. Sok sabai jie te! Greetings from Cambodia! Dear family & friends, Here I am in hot [...]

NEW MAPS – West Hawaii in 84 Pages

THE READY MAPBOOK of WEST HAWAII 5th Edition by Odyssey Publishing LLC. is now available at Borders Bookstore. That’s right, 84 pages with all the newest streets in Kona can be yours for only $11.95. From Hawi to Hualalai, Holualoa to South Point and all stops between, The Big Island will be at your fingertips. [...]

BAD PHOTOGRAPHY? NO! Good Camouflage

CAN YOU FIND THE FISH in this photo? Look closely! Sometimes after the dive is over, I wonder what was right under my nose that I never saw. This came from another diver on a JDL (Jack’s Diving Locker) trip we made last month. Joyce, I was on the April 18th and April 14th trip [...]


HAWAII STATE SENATE could change Hawaii’s shoreline faster than Mother nature’s most magnificent efforts! You know that Kilauea is building land where there was none on The Big Island of Hawaii. You probably read that the force of the weight of the land masses themselves is causing each of the Hawaiian Islands to gradually subside [...]