Real Estate SMART: How Many and How Much?

Joyce Murphy Realtor Today is Valentines Day. In North and South Kona, MLS shows 1367 Active Listings. There are 1096 properties priced under $1M, of those 1025 are Fee Simple. They include:

364 Residences
334 Condos
308 Land Listings
  13 Commercial Properties
    6 Businesses

The lowest priced residence, a 574 sqft home with an ocean views on 7688 sqft of land in Milolii Beach Lots is priced at $155,000. ML #220149 is located in South Kona, about 45 minutes south of Kailua-Kona.

There are 271 Fee Simple properties priced over $1M. They include:

162 Residences
  15 Condos
  72 Land Listings
  20 Commercial Properties
    2 Businesses

The most expensive residence is a 5561 sqft direct ocean home on a 24,584 direct ocean lot in Hualalai Resort priced at $21,900,000. ML#196502 is easy to show to qualified buyers. Be sure to call me when you are ready to see this beauty!

For photos and full information on the property listings in North and South Kona, e-mail and type the price range, location or category of listing you are interested in.

Thank you for your interest. Join us in paradise soon.

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“Real Estate SMART” Be Ready to Refinance

Joyce Murphy Realtor Be Ready to Refinance when rates hit the magic mark. Often the dip in the interest rate only lasts a few hours. Ask your mortgage broker to update your file and alert you so you can lock in fast.  Refinance properties with balloon payments and those you plan to hold long term.

How will you know the rate is magic? Use a mortgage calculator to look for an interest rate that will reduce your payment at least $200 per month and recover the closing cost within 2 years. All things are relative, so if your home is in the Luxury price range, the savings should be even greater.

It is a good habit to ask your mortgage professional to up date your file every year when your work on your tax return. Ask if there are flags in your credit that might make a loan cost you more, and how to resolve those issues. You annual mortgage check up is a good time to learn how Fanny Mae’s risk based pricing will affect your loan.

You do have a professional mortgage broker don’t you? Do you have a team of professionals including a doctor, lawyer, stock broker, insurance agent and accountant? Add a mortgage professional and Realtor to that team. They will help you safeguard some of your most valuable assets.

E-mail and type “Loans” in the subject line for more information. 

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Joyce Murphy Realtor


EACH NEW YEAR BRINGS CHANGE and in 2009 my business has taken off on its own. I am now licensed to provide the services of real estate in Hawaii as Joyce Murphy Realtor.  With some regret I have left Hawaiian Isle Real Estate, LLC. To answer the question so many have asked, I remain devoted to Hawaiian Isle, Gretchen Lambeth and all my friends there are some of the finest, most honest and professional agents I have ever known. We will be continue business together and will co-list property. I am sure Gretchen will always amaze and challenge me.  

THE OPPORTUNITY TO SHAPE and develope my own business vision is part of the reward that comes from working in this industry. During 2005, we sold two well known offices on the Space Coast of Florida, King Rentals, Inc. and King Real Estate Sales, Inc. With the help of Jan Petersen, I continue to own a business in Cape Canaveral, Florida as Luxury Real Estate Florida, Inc. The Florida market remains one of the most challenging in the country, but that company has settled quietly into a comfortable niche and is preforming even better than expected. Find links to all my business concerns at Now I am excited about this new venture in Hawaii.

SOON I WILL LICENSE a new Hawaii corporation, Kona Homes Inc.  The slogan, ”In Real Estate, Experience Counts” will continue to be used in Florida but will take second place to, ”Real Estate SMART” in Hawaii. I can hardly wait to roll out a new SMART campaign.

SEND YOUR CLUES TOO! If  you have a clue to market trends that can help us all be “Real Estate SMART”, please share them in the comment section below or e-mail

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DECORATING For the Season

Turkey Day is here! Your home is on the market for sale. Traditionally many families, like my own, begin decorating for the Holidays as soon as the Thanksgiving table is cleared. We lovingly remove the protective wrapping from ornaments that have survived decades as we recall the moments that made us a family. But what do you do when your home is on the market? 

Make your photos first.  It is a bad idea to decorate for the Holidays before your photo shoot. Many Realtors syndicate listings across the web. Days on the market are stretching out. Unless your agent intends to restrict the distribution of seasonal photos and agrees to re-shoot the house after the decorations come down, make the photos first.  Once it is on the web, it stays around. You can always take a few Holiday shots to be used in print ads prior to the New Year. It is very bad marketing to have Mama Kissing Santa under the Tree floating around cyber space in June.

Stage for the Holidays.  That’s right, think of it as staging and use a little restraint. This is the time of the year when we all love to decorate over the top. If your home is going to sell, a buyer must be able to see it clearly. The scale of the decorations should not crowd or overwhelm your rooms. Vibrant decorations may capture prospects’ attention but make them forget the house.  Avoid a cluttered look by putting away part of the accessories you usually display. Try storing one item for each seasonal decoration you use.  

Buyers come from all backgrounds. Their race, religion, ethnicity and personal taste vary widely. The ability to visualize their family enjoying a particular home is an important part of the selection process. If your home is highly decorated in any culture specific manner, it may be hard for others to put themselves into that picture.

Use the spirit of the Holidays to enhance your home.  Family relationships, friendship, brotherly love, warmth, joy, good will, are some of the things we celebrate between Thanksgiving and New Years. No smell is more welcoming than holiday cookies or fresher than evergreen. No color is richer than gold, more cheerful than a touch of red. No combination is more elegant than silver with white or blue.

Decorate to welcome family, friends and buyers!  Place a spray of evergreen arranged around a group of unscented candles, pine cones or apples near your entrance. In the tropics consider using palm fronds and antherium. Set the table for a celebration. Rosemary topiaries near a batch of brownies wrapped in a big plaid napkin say, “You’ve come home for the holidays.”

Happy Holidays.
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Kona Coffee  THE OPPORTUNITY TO SUPPORT Kona Coffee farmers is yours on Thursday. Next to tourism, Kona Coffee is our best known commodity. For many, it is what puts Kona on the map. The Kona Coffee Farmers Association is greatly concerned about the possibility of genetically modified coffee destroying their very valuable industry.

ON NOVEMBER 13TH, 10AM TO 6PM your testimony is requested at the Kona County Council office located behind Big Island Grill or the council office in Hilo. A County Council 9 to 0 vote to ban GMO Coffee & Taro on Hawaii Island was vetoed by Mayor Harry Kim. The purpose of this meeting is to override this veto. Six votes are required. This is an urgent matter.

YOUR TESTIMONY MAY BE SHORT, just ask to have the veto overridden.

LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS and other issues concerning Big Island farmers at Kona Coffee Farmers Association

Joyce Murphy, RB Hawaiian Isle Real Estate LLC

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KONA REOs Bank Owned Property For Sale

For Full Information or Regular Updates

 Click and type “Send REO Updates”

Because these properties are not listed by Hawaiian Isle Real Estate, I can work as your Exclusive Buyer’s Representative to prepare your offer.

Joyce Murphy, R(B) Accredited Buyers Representative

 REO listings on 11/9/2008

South Kohalo – North Kona – South Kona





76-6246 ALII DR









76-295 KANAKA ST






64-5220 Nuuanu Street



75-6016 ALII DR



82-6089-A Kinue Road






75-252 NANI KAILUA DR #45






73-4160 KAAO PL









75-6008 ALII DR






76-6332 KOLOLIA ST



62-3692 AMAUI DR



64-5254 NOEKOLO ST



75-5873 WALUA RD



73-4825 ANINI ST


21 listings represent most but now all REO’s currently available

Copyright 11/9/2008 by Hawaii Information Service MLS Provider


Most, but not all of the repossessed properties currently on the market on the west side of the Big Island are listed here. These are REO, Real Estate Owned by banks NOT SHORT SALE properties. Replies to your offers usually come within a week and contracts are not typically subject to third party approvals.

The Selling Banks have their own agent. I am therefore free to represent you as the Buyer’s Agent negotiating on your behalf in transactions involving any of these properties. Over 20 of my 30 plus years in real estate were spent representing real estate investors.

ABR Put my experience to work for you. I’ll walk you through the process. Click HERE to see the value added services I offer my clients.

Joyce Murphy R(B) Hawaiian Isle Real Estate LLC

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LUXURY HOMES on Bank Repossession List

Mauna Lani Point

68-1991 Papakonane Ct. at Mauna Lani Point

Now Reduced $2,000,000 to $1,600,000

LUXURY HOMES located in world class resorts, like this Mauna Lani Point home, top the list of bargains showing up as REO (Real Estate Owned) property for sale in West Hawaii. This Papakonane Ct. house has been available for a year now.

WHY IS IT STILL on the market? Most people don’t think to look for bargains in this price range. Buyers in Kona are reluctant to make an offer if they think the asking price is high. Most banks develop a strategy for selling REO’s that works well across the country on average priced property. At $2M this is not an average property and Hawaii is unique. In West Hawaii, most $1M+ homes go under contract within 45 days of the last price reduction and sell within 94% of the asking price.  Some banks, however, don’t seriously review their price until they have an offer.

SOMEONE WILL STEP UP for this house sooner or later. I expect they will get a real luxury bargain and I would like to be the agent who represents the buyer. For more information e-mail and type in “Send Info”. I will send more photos, a complete description, historical data from the public records and a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis).  All the REO properties on my list are easy to see immediately.

FOR REGULAR UPDATES on repossessed property for sale on the Kona side of the Big Island, e-mail and type “Send Kona List”. NOTE these are NOT Short Sale Properties! Currently the list offers 19 condos and homes priced from $109K to $599,900. Most are located in Kailua-Kona.

I AM FREE TO REPRESENT YOU as your “Exclusive Buyer’s Representative” and negotiate on your behalf to purchase these properties because none are Hawaiian Isle Real Estate LLC listings.  Twenty of my thirty plus years in real estate were spent representing residential real estate investors. Let me put that experience to work for you. I will walk you through the process of buying an REO property.

Joyce Murphy, Realtor Broker BIC
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WAYNE’S WORLD Burger Opens Business

Waynes World

Aloha Divers,

WELCOME TO WAYNE’S WORLD! If you’ve spent any time diving in Kona you may be familiar with Wayne Burger. In fact if you’ve taken dive classes at Jack’s Diving Locker, he may have been your instructor. Wayne is “out of the water” now, but his love of Kona’s beautiful underwater world has not changed. In fact, I think you will enjoy the unique re-creations of the photos he has taken over the years. See the message from Wayne below…..

Hi all…

I’ve been working on a new business name and web site.  While the site is still a work in progress, it is to the point where I am not embarrassed to share it. Take a look if you have a few minutes…I’d appreciate any comments and/or corrections. For those of you in Kona…I’m pleased to announce that some of my work is showing at the Shelly Maudsley White Gallery for the next couple of months.  Shelly is a wonderful artist in Kona and has been very kind in offering me wall and floor space in her gallery.  Her address is 76-5933 Mamalahoa Hwy in Holualoa…322-5220…open 10-5 Tues-Sat. 


Wayne Burger


 PADI Advanced Diver

“In Real Estate and Diving, Experience Counts!”

Joyce Murphy R(B)
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The KONA MYSTERY CONTEST has now ended. One winner turned out to be a big Birtcher fan! I got a real kick out of the response sent by, Kimberly Gillaspie.

Angels FallI’m so excited to have won and to have an autographed book by Baron!  I just loved Ruby Tuesday and (Roadhouse) Hard Days Night.  Can’t wait to read this one.  No need to waste the postage, I’ll stop by your office to pick up my prize.  Baron can address the book to Kimberly Gillaspie.  I  would like the Quinn’s gift certificate please. Thank you so much, it was fun and a unique concept…congratulations for being so innovative!


John Sevick was the winner of the drawing for the first week held on Sept. 19th. 

… thanks for the delightful news.  If the Costco card is still available, that’d be great.  Their regular gas is “ONLY” $3.969 per gallon this morning … 

Mahalo nui loa!  John Sevick

If you’re asking, “What contest?”, you haven’t been listening to LAVA 105.3 radio. The contest introduced my  latest celebrity listing, KAMAHALE at Ohai Estates.  CLICK HERE and follow the link to my web site to enter. It is not too late! You still have a week to win. The last drawing will be held at midnight on Friday, October 3, 2008. It is really easy to enter now that this amazing listing, KAMAHALE at Ohai Estates, has been released for sale. The prize for the last drawing will be a $100 gift certificate from Jack’s Diving Locker (known as Jake’s in the Mike Travis Books), an autographed copy of “Angels Fall” and a CD of Music from The Red Bar.

Baron is also a gifted musician and The Red Bar is located in the kitchen of KAMAHALE.Baron has confirmed that Snyder’s, which serves as something of a second home for his central character, Mike Travis, is modeled after Quinn’s, located across the street from the King Kam Hotel on Palani St. Lolo’s is Lulu’s. Jake’s Diving Locker is really Jack’s Diving Locker, world renouned amoung scuba divers. Read his mysteries carefully and you are likely to spot many friends and acquaintances from Kona as well as places in his books.Birtcher’s home,

KAMAHALE at Ohai Estates, takes its name from the fictional family name of Mike Travis’ mother. It also represents hale for house and kama for a place of birth. An apt name for the home in which Birtcher’s characters were conceived and evolved. All his books to date have been written there. The next book will hit the shelves in 2009.

MUSIC from The Red BarWant to know more about Baron Birtcher and this celebrity listing? Contact me, for a complimentary edition CD of Music from the Red Bar, complete with a custom insert that tells you about Kona’s Mystery writer and his talented wife Christina – a celebrity in her own right. Also available on DVD, a slide show tour of this unique Kona home.A Hui Ho!

Joyce Murphy, Realtor Broker BIC
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Birtcher Home

Baron Birtcher is the author of ’Angels Fall’ and ’Ruby Tuesday’.  These two mysteries novels are set in and around Kona. His central character, Mike Travis, was born – so to speak – in the office of his Kona home, Kamahale. 

Christina Birtcher is a highly sought after interior designer and Re-Designer. Together they built a beautiful home in Ohai Estates that celebrates the seamless indoor/outdoor lifestyle we enjoy in Hawaii. Killer Coffee and Tropical Noir are the names of their private label 100% Kona Coffee.

You now have all the information you need to correctly identify my next Celebrity Listing and enter a contest to win the prizes listed on my web site.


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