Tom Austin HeadshotI was reared in rural central Florida and began working at age 6 and have been working since. I am professionally trained as an MD, and a scientist, specifically as a diagnostician (Diagnostic Radiologist) and have always enjoyed the challenge of finding the solution to a problem, issue or question.

Staying totally focused on solving a problem or finding a solution has been the modus operandum for much of my adult life. I do not stop working just because it is 5 PM or Friday afternoon or Sunday morning, unless the problem has been solved to its greatest possible extent. Accomplishing a goal for my clients has been the main reason for my enjoyment of Real Estate for the past five years (since I retired from full-time medical practice).

I have lived in the Hawaiian Islands with my family for the past 25 years (my children were born on the “Big Island” of Hawaii), and am familiar and comfortable with all the main islands, but am very partial to the Pace of Life and Beauty of the Island of Kauai.

My goal is to give you the most accurate, pertinent and up-to-date Kauai Real Estate information and allow the “real estate process” to be easy and convenient for you. I am rewarded by the smiles on your face and the feeling of a job done well and referrals from your friends and family.

I am available ANYTIME to discuss real estate conditions, the best places to eat, shop, surf or dance, or just “talk story”. Please call or email me anytime.