Welcome back to Kauai!!

Posted August 17th: Just returned from a mainland trip and ecstatic to be back home on Kauai! It is always good to take a brief time off of this island Paradise to make one realize just how special it is back here on the North Shore. Not that there aren’t some wonderful places on the “main 48″, but for ongoing living, most of them pale in comparison to our Paradise.It isn’t surprising that the real estate market is “heating up” here on the North Shore, with multiple opened escrows, offers and serious showings in the past 2 weeks. There are bargains aplenty, and interest rates remain low for borrowers, and buyers are taking advantage of these circumstances. Many of these buyers are “investors”, a segment of buyer that has not been prevalent for the past couple years; they are not the ‘buy & flip’ type, but people investing in their personal future. They realize there is opportunity here and are making the most of it.

These folks are literally from the 4 corners of the mainland, including my clients from Southern California (of course), the Great Northwest (Seattle & British Columbia), the Southeast (Alabama & Florida) and the Northeast (Maryland & New York) . The word is out! The North Shore of Kauai is one of the most beautiful, clean, safe and friendly places in America, where you or your children can walk to the market, hike the trails, bike the paths or stroll the beach without concern for your personal safety, all in the bosom of lush tropical scenery, blue skies and gentle, soothing breezes.

So, how can I have been on the mainland and kept my finger on the pulse of the real estate market in Kauai?? I am fortunate to have a partner and “team-mate” who is very experienced in real estate and a personable hard worker, my wife, Jeanne Obert! The week I was away, Jeanne was crazy busy with all the pleasures of being a great realtor.

We would be thrilled to discuss your real estate wants and needs here on Kauai. We like to talk story about the islands, including history, culture, places to eat, drink, dance, swim, snorkel, dive, surf, kayak, paddle, sail, boogey board, golf, hike, bike and relax! (and isn’t it time to eat again……??!!).

Please contact us anytime at tomaustin45@hotmail.com (808-652-2262) or jobert50@hotmail.com (808-652-4004) and visit our website at www.tomaustinhawaii.com . We are knowledgeable about the good opportunities awaiting you and want to help. Getting a piece of Paradise is easier than you think and we would love to help. We would be happy to hear from you anytime! Aloha!

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