Mikie’s East Coast Travel, May ’08

We’d have qualified for more than a few Boy Scout badges, hitting ten different states I think. We were gone only 3 weeks, but subscribing to the “no more than 3 days, fish or friends” rule we have learned to pace ourselves without rushing or burning out people we are imposing upon.

So it’s off to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina for the family reunion. Long enough to visit, reacquaint ourselves (my mother, 5 siblings, various spouses and offspring) and enjoy each other, but just shy of treading into the treacherous waters of religion or politics.

Hilton Head is beautiful with lots of bike trails, great beaches and ALLIGATORS! hh-alligatora.jpghh-gatora-2008-038.jpg
“Because there are no alligators in Hawaii!”

How’s that for the answer to the question we always get when we travel outside Hawaii: “WHY’D YOU LEAVE HAWAII TO COME HERE??”

After passing through a few other states on our way we’re off to Rhode Island to visit some friends my husband used to teach with at Hawaii Preparatory Academy. I lived in Rhode Island for ten months while my dad was stationed there when I was in the 7th grade, and I had totally forgotten how pretty Rhode Island is. After all is a coastal state too (just forget for a minute about WINTER), with lots and lots of beautiful shoreline, offshore islands and inlets, etc.

Next stop -Williamstown, MA. What a great little town!! It’s home to Williams College, has lots of quaint old Colonial homes, a gorgeous campus, and you can walk to everything.

But I’ll have to say, I think I enjoyed San Francisco (last stop before returning to Hawaii) as much as anyplace this trip. The weather was atypical for SF -NOT A CLOUD IN THE SKY FOR 4 DAYS - and we did something I’ve always wanted to do -walk the Golden Gate Bridge! What an engineering feat.sf-ggb-from-south-end1.jpg

But, as they say, “Never leave home without it” a round-trip ticket – it’s always great to get back to Hawaii.

Aloha, Mikie

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