2nd Annual Lions Classic Car Show

Dubbed a ‘Blast from the Past”, the Waikoloa Lions Club held their 2nd annual event Saturday, January 24th at a new venue this year. lions-classic-car-poster.jpgHaving outgrown the Waikoloa School parking lot they moved this year to the Queen’s Marketplace at the Waikoloa Resort. This year’s event had the added attraction of live music by Robbie Yamanoha and the proximity to the food court at the Queen’s Marketplace.

Okay, the event is still peewee compared to similar events on the mainland. “Cruise Tuesdays” at Fuddruckers is alwaysa must on our list whenever we go to the mainland to visit my mom. I don’t know which I enjoy more, the big ole, juicy, sloppy hamburgers you get there or the oh so, way-cool cars in the parking lot afterwards. It’s a draw and until I figure out which I like better, it’ll stay right there at the top of my list.red-rear-end.JPG

But I predict this Lions Classic Car & Truck Show is a keeper too and will continue to grow every year, so if you’re in town be sure to support it and have some fun!

Aloha, “Mikie”

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It’s a GUY Thing!

Note:  Read no further if you’re expecting any real estate comment today -we need a break!!

My husband loves SHINY RED CARS. That’s all there is to it.


If you ask him, he’d say not necessarily, but if you look at his cars over the years, 90% of them have been RED! And where does the shiny come in, you might ask? It comes from being born and raised in the Motor City -Detroit, Michigan!

But he takes the best care of our cars of anyone I can imagine. Sometimes to the degree that it drives me crazy. I mean how many times can you polish one spot? He sprays grease (if that’s the right word) on the tires, WORRIES AND FUSSES OVER EVERY TINY LITTLE FLAW IN THE FINISH and has every part looking absolutely brand new! Yeah, it’s true. When I bought my VW Beetle last year (42 miles to the gallon, highway, thank you very much!) he declined a free detailing from the dealer because he said they would do a lousy job! So I guess you’d have to say he maintains our cars better than brand new! And no, my new Volkswagen is not red! I had to settle for silver because the only red one was a standard shift which I didn’t want.

Anyway, his string of shiny red cars started with this BEAUTIFUL SHELBY COBRA REPLICAR. He saw a couple one day on the lot at McKenna Motors when we were on Oahu and never shut up about it till he had his own! I do admit it was beautiful. And there is nothing better than an afternoon drive on the Kohala Mountain Road just as the sun is setting down Kawaihae way!

Aloha, “Mikie”

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Branding Kona’s Ironman – Go Figure!

It’s amazing to me sometimes to see what the heck are people thinking and I usually conclude – “they aren’t!”
Example- no, actually 2 examples right in this morning’s West Hawaii Today:

The first is a great picture of the FORD IRONMAN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP parade complete with palm trees, blue sky, waving US and Hawaii flags and lots of smiling, healthy parade participants trailing behind a Chrysler Sebring convertible!

Hello, is anybody home? What were they thinking??? I know for a fact there are gobs of beautiful FORD Mustangs on the island. It’s one of the most popular rental car statewide. I’ve even seen a couple of the Shelby GT 500s
around, so it boggles the mind why a Sebring shows up for all the world to see in the FORD Ironman Championship parade! Honestly, don’t you think this ‘smokin’ Shelby Cobra would inspire those triathletes a little more than a Sebring? I do!

The next example a few pages further in my morning paper is this headline: Ford Ironman pulls ads for ‘official’ coffee. Delving further I learn that Ironman Triathlon officials quickly pulled advertisements announcing they would be marketing Columbian coffee in Kona during Ironman.

Now I ask you, what one product comes to mind when you think of Kona?

“Duh, let’s see, that would be Kona Coffee, right?”

Ya think? Oh, that’s right, they didn’t think. Makes you wonder doesn’t it? In any case, the big event is this Saturday so come out and enjoy the race and support these wonderful athletes.

Aloha, Mike
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