Realtors Contribute to State’s Unemployment

Well, it’s no surprise to me, but it’s now official- there are more than 21% fewer real estate licensees in the State of Hawaii as of the end of the 2008 renewal period.

According to the Bulletin, the official newsletter for the Hawaii Real Estate Commission, of the 21,984 licensees (brokers, brokerages, individual brokers, salespeople and branch offices), only 17,325 renewed their license this last go round.

The breakdown of those who decided to throw in the towel looks like this:

  • 3,976  Salespeople
  • 645     Brokers
  • 38       Branch offices

The upside is those that remain may be more dedicated to the task. A number of part-timers were undoubtly weeded out, and so when the market does come back there will be fewer licensed agents to divide the spoils.

The downside is a significant loss in revenue to the State in the way of license fees (at around $180 a pop = a lot of doe-ray-me!), not to mention fewer people taking those oh so interesting continuing education classes (10 classroom hours every 2 years costing between $35-$55 each). But it’s a cyclical thing and it is what it is!

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