I Never Thought I’d See This Day!

The Waikoloa Village Board of Directors finally approved a vendor for the old Clubhouse Restaurant which has been defunct for the past 2+ years or so following a major “whizzing match” (not what I wanted to call it!) between the Board and the previous vendor which resulted in a lawsuit, counter lawsuit and beau-coup wasted dollars. But alas, the lease has been signed, there’s light at the end of the tunnel and after the 90-day build out and completion of all liquor license requirements, hopefully cold beer will be flowing again to quench your thirst after a round of golf!hawaiian-beer-waitress.jpg

Oh yes, AND THE WINNER IS . . . . TRES HOMBRES, dba:  SPIKES. Apparently they have some new partners, and a new chef and are closing down their Kawaihae restaurant after many, many years and moving mauka! Don’t despair, they’ll be serving Mexican and American food so there should be plenny-kine variety.

I actually served on the restaurant committee, though our first choice, (Cronies) after interviews and the normal screening process ultimately backed out fearing a new venture in these economic times (okay maybe they also feared a heavy-handed board breathing down their neck a teensie-weensie bit too). Anyway, stay tuned here for a review of SPIKES after they’ve opened and worked out a few kinks.

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