Waikoloa BOD Lowers The Boom on Walkers

If you’re a golfer and you’re a homeowner in Waikoloa Village on the Big Island, and you’re a walker as opposed to riding the cart, you’re gonna spend more money to play golf at the Waikoloa Village Golf Course starting YESTERDAY! Yep, it’s a fact. And some people are not happy about it! 3-stooges.jpg

Effective February 1, 2009 golf rates for walkers at the Waikoloa Village Golf Course increased by 33%. Several of us attended the board meeting January 27th and tried to reason with them, but we did not prevail. Now instead of paying $15 + tax for 18 holes, walkers now paying $20 + tax = $20.80. I know,

“Cry me a River”

but hey, since the homeowners already pay fees ($584/year) to the Waikoloa Village Association (WVA) I think they ought to get some break as compared to non homeowners when it comes to the golf rates.

But the fact of the matter is there probably is not one single golf course on the island (or most places for that matter) where the golf course actually makes money from their golf operations. They generally make it on real estate. Waikoloa is a little different because it’s truly a neighborhood owned course and there are no developments on the golf course that would in any way net a financial benefit to the Association or it’s member, other than the perceived notion that property values are higher because the community has a golf course. This is great for resale value, but it’s an intangible figure and many refuse to consider it. The rub seems to be that according to WVA board only 12% of the property owners play golf so the Association subsidizes the rest.

Being a Realtor, I know it’s true. A lot of people who buy property here love the fact that there’s a golf course right here, and a good one too. Though it’s a public course, THE RATES ARE GREAT COMPARED TO THE RESORT COURSES! It’s also a boon for the time share condos. Those buyers become deeded property owners and thereby qualify for the best rates. Bottom line though, is the debate will continue and I think we’re going to see a further chipping away at our cheap rates as these economic times drag on.

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