Comer is a Goner – Revisited

Okay, sorry I couldn’t really finish my blog post this morning after dropping the bombshell that Jeff Comer (short lived CEO of North Hawaii Hospital in Waimea) had resigned. I try really hard to get to my yoga class twice a week. Not that it’s hard, it’s actually very convenient right here in Waikoloa, but I do have to get off my computer and go. You know I need my BREATH OF JOY FIX! It takes me out of New York City (my brain on the treadmill) and brings me back to Hawaii . . . ;o).

But back to Comer, the goner. The community prevailed and it looks like the situation is turning around. Word on the street is that the Board of Directors will be stepping down too but the parties orchestrating this are working furiously to assure the community and it’s many, many disgruntled supporters that it’s can be done. They don’t want the board to exit en masse because that would leave the incoming new board at a distinct disadvantage playing catch-up. Financial supporters have indicated they will get the hospital over the current budget shortfalls (reputed to be several million$) if things go per their wishes.

How did we get to this place, many people wonder? It’s almost as if Jeff Comer was hired to be the hatchet man, with programs cut and 59 positions eliminated last week, but it’s really part of a bigger problem with health care and reimbursements (or lack thereof) by HMSA (Hawaii Medical Services Association). They cover 60% of health insurance in the State and they kinda-sorta have a monopoly-or at least they do a good job thwarting any newcomers in the market. HMSA also receives special treatment in that it is exempt from state premium taxes because it was set up in 1938 as a mutual benefit society-don’t ask me. Gee, maybe it’s time to revisit that one, ya think?

But when it’s all said and done, Jeff Comer had planned to “spend his career here”. It’s a terrible shame it did not work out for everyone. In a quick and cursory search of the MLS system, I did not find that Comer had purchased a home here, but even if he didn’t, it can’t be easy to relocate here thinking you would be here a long time in the future and have it end up like this. I feel for him and his family. But now it’s time to try to fix our hospital!

Aloha, “Mikie”

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  1. Rick Emens Jul 24

    How is this “commentary” real estate related?

  2. Michelle “Mike” Kerr Jul 25

    Hi Rick,

    Thanks for your question – how is this “commentary” real estate related?

    Gosh, don’t you think someone considering relocating to the Big Island or at least the area that North Hawaii Community Hospital serves, may be interested in something as far-reaching as the only hospital? There are 2 other hospitals on the island -Kona Community which is actually south of Kona so at least 45 miles away, or Hilo Hospital around 60 miles from Waimea.

    You’ll see a lot that I like to write about is not DIRECTLY related to real estate (how boring would that be?) but definitely relates as it educates, stimulates and informs people about the area of the island they may be considering.

    Thanks for you comment!
    Aloha, Mike

  3. Cindy Prince Jul 25

    Okay, then how about your “What To Eat” blog, how is that Real Estate related?

  4. Michelle “Mike” Kerr Jul 26

    Yikes, it’s the ‘blog police’ ganging up on me!

    BTW, you won’t find the blog posts in my recipes category related to real estate either. What it really boils down to is, if you don’t want to read my blog -don’t. It’s still a relatively free country.

    But I do appreciate hearing from you!
    Aloha, Mike

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  6. KatyAnn Jan 2

    Jeff Comer has come to Sitka, Alaska. Came in September and just this week put his letter in. 3 months here as well. Curios if you have any information you would like to share via email with me?

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