Waimea Going Big Time With New Bus Service!

Yep, that’s right. Watch out New York, Chicago and London. Waimea has hit the big time! double-decker-buss.gif
Beginning May 19th Hawaii County will implement a new passenger shuttle running a continuous loop starting at 6:30 AM until 6:00 PM. The route goes from the East side of town at Mud Lane (uh, that would be on the wet side of town, euphemistically referred to by most Realtors as the Green side of town) making at least 10 stops on the way, including Parker Ranch Shopping Center and the existing Hele-On stops with more being added as needed.

This will be a huge boon to commuters normally ensnarled in the Kamuela Crawl which takes place along Hwy. 19 every morning and afternoon while we grow old as the County and powers that be continue to fund study after study on the by-pass road. Having said that however, I WOULD LIKE TO GIVE CREDIT RIGHT HERE AND NOW TO COUNCILMAN PETE HOFFMANN, our councilman for the South Kohala District who got the ball rolling on this. He met resistance but basically backed the Mayor and tranportation department into a corner by agreeing to use the contingency relief funds at his disposal for this very worthwhile cause. The County didn’t want to look bad by forcing Hoffmann to use those funds when they really should fund it themselves. Hoffmann managed to garner the support of the Waimea Traffic Safety Program and Tom Brown, the County Transit Administrator and got it done. Yeah Pete! Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you, IT’S FREE.

I’ll report back to you after I have had a chance to try out the new shuttle service. Until then, A hui hou.

Aloha, Mike
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West Hawaii Stats for Apelila (April)

It’s Lei Day in Hawaii! But I have to admit, I did not see even one single school May Day program publicized. You have to understand what a big thing Lei Day is in Hawaii to know how unusual that is. Every school -especially elementary schools have a big production enacting the coronation of the Ali’i (Hawaiian Royalty) with full Royal Court and all in historic costume and of course, lots of flowers, singing and dancing.

alii.jpg /> keiki-hula.jpg/>

I mean these LEI-DAY EVENTS HAVE BEEN KNOWN TO CAUSE TRAFFIC PROBLEMS AND PARKING JAM-UPS! Parents and grandparents take vacation or sick days to go watch the keiki, so to not see any was most notable. My guess is they’ve all postponed the event for tomorrow since it’s Friday and they can just adjourn classes after the Lei Day Programs instead of trying to herd the kids back into seriousness for the remainder of the day.

And upon realizing it was Lei Day, I also remembered it was time for my monthly listing update, so here are the stats for Waimea, Waikoloa Village and Kohala for the month of April.


  • 103 homes on the market (about the same as last month!)
  • 26 are less than or equal to $500,000 (and we’re seeing more and more under $400,000!)
  • The least expensive = $299,000 ($11,000 less than just a month ago)
  • The most expensive = $5,390,000
  • The highest days on market (DOM)= 797


  • 80 homes on the market (18 less than last month)
  • 38 are less than or equal to $500,000 (6 more than last month)
  • The least expensive = $379,000
  • The most expensive = $1,335,000 (this is a new HIGH for the Village. It is a knock-out home with gorgeous views, but I’m glad it ain’t me! To give this home justice, I will cover it later in a blog post all its own.)
  • The highest days on market (DOM)= 389
    ** NOTE** Kohala data includes the entire district of North Kohala, including the coast and resort properties

  • 78 homes on the market (2 more than last month)
  • 16 are less than or equal to $500,000 which is 7 more than 60 days ago
  • The least expensive = $319,000
  • The most expensive = $15,000,000
  • The highest days on market (DOM)= 929 (hello, anybody home?)

IN SUMMARY: Inventories are holding fairly steady; but as some sellers get discouraged and drop out new listings come on, but at least it’s stable. What I am noticing however, are new lower price benchmarks. Originally in one category, I started out tracking homes less than $500,000 and there weren’t that many. Now however, we are seeing more and more homes less than $400,000. All I can say is patience will be rewarded!

Aloha, Mike
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