Home Improvements to Pump Up Your Sales Price

Every seller wants to get top dollar from their Hawaii real estate sale, so here are a few small profit friendly improvements you can make to your Hawaii home or condo before you put it on the market.

Carpet- Most older homes and condos in Hawaii have carpeting. If any of the carpet in your home is showing wear, replace it with an inexpensive shade of tan. You want colors to be as neutral as possible for resale.

Don’t be offended if your agent suggest replacing any wallpaper with a nice fresh coat of paint. It’s not that buyer’s don’t like your surfboards and hibiscus Aloha wallpaper, it’s just a better idea to go with a more neutral look that appeals to more buyers. Wallpaper can be very inexpensively removed by steaming. A fresh coat of paint will improve buyer’s perceptions of the age and cleanliness of your home.

Hit the Bases-
Freshen up trim and base boards around your house with a nice coat of white. It makes a world of difference in how clean your house looks. Also, freshen up the paint on the kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

Look UP!- Potential buyers spend time looking at your ceiling, checking for water damage, and other structural problems. You want the ceiling to look fresh and clean, so roll a quick coat of a matching color on the ceiling to make the house look as good as new.

Hide The Boogie Boards- If your house is cluttered with boogie boards, beach mats, snorkel or diving gear, or other Hawaii-centric sports gear, do your best to remove it from the house during showings. Stick that stuff in the trunk of your car while the house is on the market, or even consider getting a small storage space. You want the house to look spacious, and like there is plenty of storage. These piles of gear clutter up the space, and make it look smaller.

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