The Hawaii Real Estate Market is on the Rise

28 08 2013

Not that this is alarming news we’ve been anticipating that rates are rising and economically it all makes sense. Both interest rates and property inventory prices are increasing and this means if you are in the market to purchase its going to cost you more the longer you wait. There are slightly to moderate increases in varying niches of the market throughout the islands. The Big Islands West Coast or Kona Coast Hawaii has everything to choose from oceanfront, ranch and farmland, vacant land, city life and condos, rural, bed and breakfasts, luxury estates and villas, development opportunities, beach communities, coffee shacks, to crown jewels of the pacific. HAWAII HAS IT ALL. And yes there are still deals to be made especially in the higher niche markets over $1,000,000.00. Not paying cash contact me and I’ll put you in touch with reputable local lending institutions and mortgage brokers.

Keauhou Bayview Estates

Keauhou Bayview Estates

If you are a seller this is the best time of the year to list your property. The snow birds (named this for flocking from the cold temperatures around the world) are coming over the next few months and its time to prepare your property to sell. Inventory remains low check with me to find out whats the market like in your neighborhood, complex and area. I will be happy to sit down with you and discuss with you the best solution in selling your property quickly and for the top price. With every sale our market improves and our prices increase. I have a long proven track record of getting properties sold with five star customer service including the very best attention to detail. With the experience and a company that proves your choosing the right representation I will represent your best interests Sotheby‚Äôs International Realty network has over 12,000 brokers worldwide. I can tap into offices on a level no other brokerages can and with over 600 offices around the globe Sotheby’s is the best out there to represent you. If you are in Hawaii I invite you to schedule a meeting with me and visit our office at the Keauhou Shopping Center. If you are in the resorts area on the Big Island I can arrange to meet you at our portfolio office located in the Kings Shops. We also have a office in Waimea at Parker Square. We have you covered no matter where you are on the island I can serve your needs.

Market Stats for Hawaii Island

Market Stats for Oahu

Market Stats for Kauai

Market Stats for Maui

Hawaii State Commercial Closings

What does this mean to a Buyer? Depending which area and type of real estate you are interested in I will show you all market activity enabling you to make good solid investment decisions. Out local economists from many area’s of the local banking industry are reporting we have a long way to go before we reach the top of the market again so it still remains an excellent time to be a buyer!

Big Island of Hawaii Tax Map Key Breakdown

Big Island of Hawaii Tax Map Key Breakdown

This map will be a useful tool if you’re not familiar with the Big Island of Hawaii. Notice there are 9 zones that wrap around the island. When you search for property in Hawaii understanding this tax map can help. I can also set you up on automated searches in the areas you want to buy. Contact me with the areas you are interested in or if you don’t understand call me thats why I’m here to help.


I suggest downloading if you haven’t already GOOGLE EARTH. CLICK HERE. See Hawaii like you never thought you could…its pretty incredible from the depths of the ocean to the tops of volcanic summits.

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Media Source: Islands Magazine
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