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March 22, 2009

New Kaiser Clinic coming to the north side of Kona

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It was announced on Friday Kaiser has purchased 9.9 acres of land facing Queen Ka‘ahumanu Highway between Kealekehe Parkway and Hina Lani St. on the north side of Kona town. Health care is rapidly becoming a major economic driver in America’s economy. Kaiser’s $11,3000,000 land commitment in our community is just one more example.

This bodes well for all of us. When the clinic is built, it will certainly save lives. Today just the action of acquiring the property sends a message that Kona is moving forward, with or without cruise ships, West Coast visitors, Japanese Tourists.

The U of H campus site is taking shape. Target will be opening soon to round out the Kona Commons. Kaloko Commercial Center has completed construction and is moving forward with sales.

To me 6% unemployment means 94% EMPLOYMENT. We have learned hard lessons about if it is to good to be true, it probably isn’t. We have also learned to be wiser shoppers and leave the credit card home. A budget, sticking to a budget and time will fix these mistakes. Every morning during this healing period, we need to wake up in the morning, look around us and see what others are doing today to make Kona a better place.

March 14, 2009

Stop Now

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Have you noticed how many newspapers have gone out of business recently? Their own Doom and Gloom editors and headline writers are doing themselves and their newspapers in. Pretty soon we will be able to start chatting, on the internet of course, about all the good things the American people and people all over the world for that matter are doing to clean up the mess we got ourselves into without the incessant negativity of the print media.

So I suggest we leave those remaining papers on the stands and may I suggest to fellow Realtor let’s ditch the newspaper print advertising. People read the front page before they get to the real estate section. Yesterday’s West Hawaii Today ran a front page banner “BANKRUPTCY” in about 180 point type and your 14 point ad is going to sell a home??? The article wasn’t even about a particular bankruptcy, it was about the possibility of bankruptcy as a last resort.

If we have 6.1% unemployment, does that suggest 93.9% of us are EMPLOYED?

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